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Real reviews about Tenfold coaching from business owners.

Ask anyone about us and they’ll tell you it’s not in our nature to brag. Sure, we’re pleased with what we’ve achieved but our biggest source of pride is the results our clients achieve.

So when you read the testimonials here, please focus on their results and the pride they have in their business. And if that sounds like something you want too, well, we’d be proud to be on your side as your business coach.

Logo for Elec Comm Services, Sydney-based electrical contracting business

Robbie Carter
Elec Comm Services

Robbie’s electrical contracting business was generating millions of dollars in work but it wasn’t making money.

Some harsh truths from his business coach kicked off the transformation of the business and his leadership.

Key points of Robbie’s review:

  • Revenue was high but profit was low
  • The business was growing faster than he could keep up
  • Through business coaching Robbie learnt how to understand the numbers and make informed decisions
  • The changes he made with his coach increased revenue, and gross profit, and net profit
  • Robbie is leading a high-performing team, backed by his coach.

Read how Robbie transformed his business with coaching.

concretum logo

Matt Rickard

Matt is a very ambitious person with big goals. So when a former boss recommended Tenfold Business Coaching, Matt looked into it for himself.

He explains why he now recommends Tenfold to other ambitious business owners.

Key points of Matt’s review:

  • Specialist concreting business serving the civil construction sector
  • The business had potential but cash flow was lumpy and jobs were hit and miss
  • Coaching put Matt in control and gave him the confidence to make profitable decisions
  • The business has grown x4
  • Now in high demand with the clients he once chased – gets to pick the jobs he wants to win

Read Matt’s review of the results he had with Tenfold.

prolux logo

Alex Lamblin
Prolux Electrical

Alex runs Prolux, an electrical contracting business specialising in commercial maintenance. He has partnered with Tenfold Business Coaching since 2010.

Key points of Alex’s review:

  • Established electrical business conducting insurance work and some large commercial work
  • Profitability was hard to measure. With his coach he learnt how to analyse where the potential profits were, and to focus his effort in that area
  • Doubled the business in 12 months
  • Sees coaching as an investment in the future

Learn more about Alex and his experience with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Rycon logo blue round

Ryan McKenzie
Rycon Building Group

Ryan, the founder of award-winning Rycon Building Group, speaks about his experience with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Key points of Ryan’s review:

  • Established high-end residential building business in Melbourne
  • Payment cycles in the building industry are complicated to manage
  • Hard to know what financial information is important to decision-making
  • Coaching was a bit of a challenge – sharing the reins
  • Worth the investment of time and money

Read Ryan’s honest perspective on the challenges he and his coach have worked through.

Reliable Plumbing logo

Chris Malcolmson
Reliable Plumbing

Reliable Plumbing is the industry leader in commercial plumbing and maintenance in Melbourne. Director, Chris, speaks about how Tenfold Business Coaching has helped take their business from good to great – and they’re still growing.

Key points of Chris’ review:

  • Business has been performing well since it started 40 years ago
  • Director learnt the job on the tools, didn’t have a background in business management
  • Coaching provides clarity and a sounding board for tough issues
  • With Tenfold Business Coaching, business turnover has tripled and profits have increased x5

Read Chris’ honest view on how coaching has made a difference to their business and his plans for the future.

Company logo for SS Stainless Steel Benching Company

Jason Dean

SS Benching

Manufacturing is complex and hard, so Jason wasn’t sure what business coaching could do for his fabrication business.

Key points of Jason’s review:

  • He saw other manufacturing businesses getting ahead with coaching
  • Coaching helped him be in control of the pipeline and pricing
  • All functions of the business benefit from coaching: financial, manufacturing production, sales, recruitment and team management

Read how Jason is leading from the front with coaching.

Comvision logo

Owen Johnson
Comvision Australia

Owen’s business was getting by but not growing. They were saying yes to every job without knowing how much money it would make. Frustrated by running week to week, Owen knew that we needed help to take control and plan for the big picture.

Key points of Owen’s review:

  • Business coaching identified which jobs make the most profit, and how to get more of them
  • Specialise in a niche with good profit and high barriers to entry
  • Sales doubled, then doubled again, and net profit increased x7
  • Expanded their business into Sydney
  • Leads a firm that consistently ranks in the top 50 of the fastest-growing IT companies in Australia
  • Takes extended holidays with his family while the business runs well

Read Owen’s success story here.

Future Business Systems Logo

Mark Silver
Future Business Systems

After running his software business for 15 years, Mark engaged Tenfold Business Coaching to learn how to manage it more effectively, and to turn his business around.

Key points of Mark’s review:

  • Mature business but owner needed guidance on how to turn from a loss to a sustainable profit
  • With the help of his coach, he has expanded the business and hired ten+ staff
  • Profit growth of around 100% per annum, while working fewer hours
  • Sold the business to a global company for a double-digit multiplier of earning

Read Mark’s account of how he got his business back on track with Tenfold Business Coaching.

The Coaching Institute Logo

Remi (Sharon) Pearson
The Coaching Institute

Remi (Sharon) Pearson runs The Coaching Institute, a life coaching and executive training organisation. She sought out Tenfold Business Coaching after realising her business model wasn’t working.

Key points of Remi’s review:

  • Established coaching and training business
  • Realised her business was too reliant on her – if she went away, her business would effectively shut down
  • Her coach helped her put systems in place, ensuring she had better staff
  • Increased her turnover from $270K to $1.2M with coaching
  • Found getting an outside perspective essential to the ongoing success of her business

Find out more about how Remi achieved rapid growth in her business using Tenfold Business Coaching.

Logo for Melbourne Energy Group

Shane Smillie
Melbourne Energy Group

Shane was sceptical about coaching but was curious to see what it could do for his electrical contracting business.

Key points of Shane’s review:

  • He had built a good business but his time was spent on the tools, not on the business.
  • The business was relying on Shane for everything
  • Coaching helped him lead the business from the front
  • The changes he made with coaching set the business up to run independently
  • With the extra time, Shane started an additional company and took a 10-week holiday with his family

Read how Shane went from sceptical to successful.

Primal Health Club logo

Scott Upston
Primal Health

Scott and his partner had a built business and had bought another. They knew that to take their business to the next level, they’d need new thinking and experience. Hear how the expert advice of their business mentor at Tenfold Business Coaching helped:

  • Stop doing the things that were holding them back, start doing the things that drive the business forward
  •  Achieve their targets
  • Build a foolproof process for recruiting the best talent

Read Scott’s success story here.

Costas logo

George Costas
Costas Constructions

George Costas, founder of Costas Constructions, explains why he chose Tenfold Business Coaching.

Key points:

  • Established business serving sophisticated residential investors in Melbourne
  • Business was in control of owner
  • Hard to make the tough decisions alone
  • Mapped out strategies for marketing, sales, operations, productivity and growth

Read how his Tenfold business mentor helped George steer his business in the right direction.

Voller Builders Logo

Diccon Voller
Voller Builders

Diccon, director of Voller Builders an architectural residential building business in Mornington Peninsula. He is proud of the business he is building with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Key points from Diccon’s review:

  • Had previous experience with a tradie coach but it fell short of what he needed
  • Since working with Tenfold business has grown by x4
  • His coach has helped recruit a high-performing team
  • Worth the investment to grow a sustainable business

Hear from Diccon how his Tenfold Business Coach is making a real difference to his business.

Provider Assist logo

Peter Watson
Provider Assist

Peter Watson, director of Provider Assist, has experienced the value of using an experienced business coach.

Key points of Peter’s review:

  • Through coaching, his business grew from 2 staff to over 40, and his client base grew from 10 to over 500
  • Coaching allowed him to stop being bogged down working ‘in’ the business, to working ‘on’ the business
  • Sees coaching as great value, that will grow your confidence and your knowledge

Read Peter’s honest account of working with Tenfold Business Coaching to learn more.

CPE- landscaping logo

Cameron Polsen
CPE Landscaping Commercial Contractors

Cam was recommended to speak with Tenfold Business Coaching to transform his business.

Key points of Cam’s review:

  • Business had been running for 10 years but bank account wasn’t growing
  • Cam and the GM Geoff knew their trade but didn’t know how to fix the business
  • Working with a Tenfold Business Coach has shown Cam how to make more money and be in control
  • The business is now profitable and enjoyable.

Discover more about the changes Cam and Geoff made with their Tenfold Business Coach to take the business to the next level.

Leading Nutrition testimonial about coaching with Tenfold Business Coaching

Cathy and Ralf Thesing
Leading Nutrition

Read how Leading Nutrition grew from a 6-person team in a cramped Camberwell clinic to a national team of 30+. This is a story of effort that paid off. The owners took their business to the next level and now have complete financial freedom.

Mobile automation logo

Brian Emberson
Mobile Automation

“When the GFC hit in 2008, there was a massive downturn across the economy. Of the competitors we had at that time, I’d say 2 out of 3 went out of business. The decisions I made then with our business coach at Tenfold meant that we survived and then thrived. And we’re still going strong.”

StewartArtMedia logo

Jim Stewart

See Jim on YouTube , excited about his business coach achieving Top 1% in the world ranking.

Balwyn Sports and Physiotherapy Centre logo

Andrew and Victoria Wynd
Balwyn Sports and Physiotherapy Centre

Professional skier/Physiotherapist, Andrew Wynd, and qualified Chartered Accountant, Victoria Wynd, know about discipline. They speak about their experience working with Tenfold Business Coaching to take their business, Balwyn Sports and Physiotherapy Centre, to the next level.

Key points:

  • Experienced and qualified business owners (husband and wife team) who had used a coach in the past
  • Business was going well and ready to go to the next level
  • Coaching has been integral to recruiting the right people and building a high-performing team
  • Net profit has increased 30% while also growing top-line sales

Read about Andrew and Victoria’s coaching journey from good to great.

Skylark Sports logo

Jasmin Meaker
Skylark Sports

Jasmin Meaker, owner and operator of Skylark Sports talks about how Tenfold Business Coaching has helped her achieve success.

Key points:

  • An established business dedicated to providing gymnastics and child development opportunities
  • She had tried group coaching but it hadn’t been successful
  • She needed a tailored approach, specific to her unique business
  • Net profit doubled in the first 2 years of coaching
  • The systems her coach put in place were a major reason for the success of the business

Discover more about how Jasmin worked with Tenfold Business Coaching to change her approach, and free up her time.

Tiger Tribe logo

Anthony Green
Tiger Tribe

Anthony Green, co-owner of Tiger Tribe, is a better leader thanks to the coaching he did with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Key points:

  • The established business was still growing
  • The business owner recognised he needed to improve
  • Since working with Tenfold he is making better decisions faster
  • His team is performing better
    Worth the investment in his own professional development

Hear from Anthony how his Tenfold Business Coach is helping him be the best leader to grow his business.

Dueltek Distribution logo

Gary & Jan Herzig
Dueltek Distribution

Gary and Jan Herzig have run Dueltek, Australia’s number-one cable store for over 27 years. They approached Tenfold Business Coaching to take their business to the next level.

Key points:

  • Well-established, successful business
  • Year-on-year growth had slowed
  • Their Tenfold Business Coach gave them the extra skills and discipline that the business needed
  • Coaching implemented changes to drive sales growth
  • Coach has helped them free up their time to work on their business, not just work in it

Hear more of Gary and Jan’s candid account of how Tenfold Business Coaching helped them to increase turnover and gross profit.

Bryce Norton
Mainphase Pty Ltd.

Bryce Norton had over 20-years experience running his business, but felt he lacked the training and skills to help his company reach its potential. He engaged Tenfold Business Coaching to help.

Key points:

  • Experienced business owner
  • Coach helped him change his company structure, to drive expansion
  • Got great benefit from working with his coach to drive sales and marketing, which the owner had limited training in
  • Thanks to his coaching, his stress levels have now been greatly reduced, and he can work fewer hours

Learn more about Bryce’s journey working with Tenfold Business Coaching to drive business growth

Perennial Kitchens logo

Peter Schelfhout and Michael Simpson
Perennial Kitchens

Peter Schelfhout and Michael Simpson of Perennial Kitchens started working with Tenfold Business Coaching because they felt their business wasn’t moving in the direction that they needed.

Key points:

  • Established medium-sized business, producing kitchens for the domestic market
  • Were frustrated with their business, and were working too many hours
  • Tenfold Business Coaching increased their productivity and helped them to avoid costly mistakes
  • New procedures and systems have put them in control
  • Wouldn’t start another business without using a business coach

Read more about Peter and Michael’s experience with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Access Scaffolding Logo

Kent Fisher
Access Scaffolding

Kent Fisher of Access Scaffolding approached Tenfold Business Coaching when he was struggling to make the challenging transition from tradesman to business manager.

Key points:

  • Established scaffolding business with two branches and ten employees
  • Was struggling to adjust from his previous role as an experienced tradesman to business owner & leader
  • Found the Tenfold program to be well-structured and extremely professional
  • Now has the skills to lead the business
  • His coach helped him to find the right staff, so now he can safely cut back his hours

Discover more about Kent’s journey with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Bill Sides
Sides Engineering Drilling Services

Bill Sides of Sides Engineering Drilling Services sought out Tenfold Business Coaching to help him prepare his long-term family business for sale.

Key points:

  • Successful, medium-sized business, which had been in the family for over 80 years
  • Had no experience in preparing the business for sale, or creating a successful succession plan
  • Needed an independent, experienced coach to guide him through the process
  • His Tenfold Business Coach was instrumental in ensuring a successful exit from the business

Read more about Bill’s positive experience with Tenfold Coaching.

Vital Chi Wellness Sanctuary Logo

Fiona Chin
Vitalchi Wellness Sanctuary

Fiona Chin of Vitalchi Wellness Sanctuary, a large natural therapies clinic, has seen first-hand the difference tailored coaching from an experienced Tenfold Business Coach can make.

Key points:

  • Established natural therapies business
  • Had tried group coaching but found it unsuccessful
  • After engaging Tenfold Business Coaching, she achieved a 3-fold difference in her takings
  • Is now working ‘on’ the business, rather than just ‘in’ the business
  • Believes if you want to be good in your field, you need a top coach

Discover more about Fiona’s experience growing her business with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Roadsigns Logo

Geoff O’Brien
Roadsigns (Australia)

Geoff O’Brien runs Roadsigns (Australia), a line marking business. Whilst the business was running well, they knew they could do things better, and they engaged Tenfold Business Coaching to help.

Key points:

  • Established business with experienced owners
  • The business was breaking even and making wages.
  • With Tenfold Business Coaching is started turning a profit
  • Marketing and recruiting have improved markedly
    1600% increase in profits over five years
  • He can now pullback from day-to-day work and choose what he’d like to work on

Read more about the business growth that Geoff achieved with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Surrey Hills Garden Supplies

Carolyn & Richie Miles

Surrey Hills
Garden Supplies

Carolyn and Richie Miles of Surrey Hills Garden Supplies know the difference an experienced business coach can make to a small business owner.

Key points:

  • Experienced business owners of a paving and landscaping business, and then a garden supply business
  • Was already achieving steady growth on their own
  • Used their Tenfold Business Coach to double their rate of growth in just three months

See Carolyn and Richie’s testimonial in full.

Ion Security Logo

David Russo
Ion Security

David Russo runs Ion Security, a business specialising in commercial security installations. David’s business was at breaking point, and he engaged Tenfold Business Coaching to help the business get back on track.

Key points:

  • Recommended to Tenfold Business Coaching by his accountant
  • His coach has made a big impact on improving the business’s profit and driving efficiency; he can do more jobs with fewer staff
  • Feels he now has someone to talk business decisions over with
  • Can now choose the jobs they do

Discover more about how David used Tenfold Business Coaching to drive profit growth.

Automotive Diagnostic and Repairs Logo

Luke Cefai
Automotive Diagnostics
and Repairs

Luke Cefai from Automotive Diagnostics and Repairs has experienced first-hand the benefit of using an experienced Tenfold Business Coach.

Key points:

  • Their Tenfold Business Coach has helped him rapidly grow the business
  • After around two years of coaching, business turnover is now over $1M, which greatly surpassed their expectations

Learn more about Luke and the ADR team.

Cathy Thesing

Cathy Thesing
The Melbourne Dietetic Centre

Cathy Thesing founder of Leading Nutrition, a dietetic consulting business sought out Tenfold Business Coaching to improve accountability in her business.

Key points:

  • Coaching has allowed her to move from just working ‘in’ the business to working ‘on’ the business
  • Coaching improved the business’ stability, consistency and reliability
  • The bottom line increased 2-fold
  • A lot of the stress of running a business has now gone

Read Cathy’s account of how coaching from Tenfold paid for itself many times over.

Apple Print Logo

Phillip & Karen Theodore
Apple Print

Phillip and Karen Theodore run Apple Print, and contacted Tenfold Business Coaching to help them turn their business around.

Key points:

  • Established print and copy centre in the south-eastern suburbs
  • Needed guidance to set business goals to track their business
  • Coaching has driven growth, and they are now moving from losses into profits for the first time

Learn more about Phillip and Karen’s progress using Tenfold Business Coaching.

Provider Assist logo

Jacqui Banham
Provider Assist

Jacqui Banham, Clinical Director, had a Tenfold Business Coach help her deal with rapid growth, by recruiting the right staff and using best practices.

Key points:

  • Introduced to Tenfold Business Coaching by her Managing Director
  • Was struggling to manage an expanding team of remote workers on top of her own workload
  • With her coach’s help, recruited an EA with project management skills
  • Used coaching to develop her team and to utilise their strengths
  • Now has a clear systematic approach to grow the business

Learn more about Jacqui’s experience tackling rapid business growth with the help of Tenfold Business Coaching.

Mobile Electrics Logo

Brian Emberson
Mobile Electrics

Brian Emberson of Mobile Electrics has broadened his opinion of what his business is capable of, after working with his Tenfold Business Coach for over six years.

Key points:

  • Established industrial electrician and automation specialist
  • Needed some guidance on how to get to the next level
  • With his coach, implemented multiple changes to the company structure
  • Can now rapidly increase the workforce as the workload increases
  • Would recommend Tenfold, in particular to those who’ve come up from being ‘on the tools’

Read more about how Brian used Tenfold Business Coaching to achieve lasting growth in his business.

Yellowstone Landscaping Logo

Doug Lord
Yellowstone Landscaping

Doug Lord runs Yellowstone Landscaping, an established Melbourne commercial and civil landscaping business.

Key points:

  • Established landscaping business that was lacking direction
  • Were very experienced tradespeople, but lacked the knowledge of how to grow the business
  • With their business coach, they are working towards getting ‘off the tools’
  • Since starting coaching, they have grown from 4 to 16 staff members!
  • Can now work when they choose

Learn more about how Tenfold Business Coaching helped Doug achieve real results.

Burwood Plumbing

Narelle Wyrsch
Burwood Plumbing

Family-owned plumbing business was in need of help to sell the asset they had built up over 40 years.

Key points:

  • Long-standing domestic plumbing, service and supply business, based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.
  • Uncertain of how to sell the business and realise its full value.
  • Unsure of what steps to take to find a good buyer prepared to meet their terms.
  • Tenfold Business Coaching was instrumental in guiding them through the process.
    Great result was achieved!

Narelle talks about how having a Tenfold Business Coach on her side made all the difference.

Red Flag Systems Logo

Teree Clare
Red Flag Systems

Husband and wife team, Matt and Teree Clare run Red Flag Systems, a specialist security solutions business. They have seen how an experienced Tenfold Business Coach can deliver immediate results.

Key points:

  • Their established business had plateaued
  • Matt was working all day ‘on the tools’ and up all hours catching up on paperwork
  • They were initially sceptical about whether their business could afford a coach
  • Used their coach’s knowledge to immediately improve their quoting and pricing
  • Since engaging Tenfold, they have seen sales increase by 82%

Find out more about how Matt and Teree are using Tenfold Business Coaching to expand their business.

Blue Flame IT Consulting Logo

James McHugh
Blue Flame IT

James McHugh runs Blue Flame IT Consulting, a business offering IT services. He needed help transitioning from a ‘hands on’ technician role to a true business manager role. After having limited success with other business coaching firms, he turned to Tenfold Business Coaching.

Key points:

  • Established IT consulting business
  • Had outgrown his previous business coach at another firm
  • Tenfold coach helped him understand the financials of his business
  • Tenfold Business Coaching has now improved his bottom line and billable hours
  • See his coach as a mentor to ‘keep him on track’

Learn more about James’s journey with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Keen to Clean Logo

Brij Purohit
Keen to Clean

Brij Purohit runs a successful cleaning business. In this testimonial, Brij talks about how he found his Tenfold Business Coach essential in guiding him through the process of franchising his business.

Key points:

  • He was new to Australia and needed guidance on how the Australian system and market worked
  • He needed help growing his business to the point of franchising
  • Feels he gets valuable and honest advice from his business coach, and that this has saved him time and money
  • Believes that most business owners know what they are doing, but could benefit from a coach giving them direction and keeping them on track

Find out more about Brij’s successful journey to franchise his business.

Glen Clark and Co logo

Glen Clark
Glen Clark & Co

Glen Clark had been successfully running his specialist electrical contractor and solar power installation business. In this testimonial, Glen speaks about the differences his Tenfold Business Coach made to improve profits by 30% within the first year of coaching.

Key points:

  • Established business in outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne
  • Glen knew some of the areas for improvement; coaching helped him to plan and implement to achieve results
  • His Tenfold coach helped recruit the right team members at the right time
  • They are on track to double the business both in staff and profits in the next twelve months

Read more about Glen’s experience here.

Sanitaire Bio-Products logo

Gene Onyschko
Sanitaire Bio-Products

Gene Onyschko, owner of Sanitaire Bio-Products, import and distribution business, has seen great benefits from using an experienced Tenfold Business Coach.

Key points:

  • Experience operator, with over 19 years running his own business
  • Felt there were still areas of his business that were holding him back, such as sales & marketing
  • Needed an experienced coach that offered a tailored program
  • His coach has kept him focused and has held him accountable
  • Believes that even successful businesses would benefit & grown by using an experienced Tenfold Business Coach

Read Gene’s honest perspective of how he is achieving rapid results through Tenfold Business Coaching.

Yarra Painting and Maintenance logo

Clint Joyce
Yarra Painting and Maintenance

Clint Joyce of Yarra Painting was working 80 hours a week but his business was still making a loss. He came to Tenfold Business Coaching to transform his business.

Key points:

  • Business had been running for 9 years but going nowhere fast
  • Clint had learnt the trade but didn’t know how to fix his business
  • Working with a Tenfold Business Coach has shown Clint how to make more money and work less
  • The business is now profitable and enjoyable. And Clint’s in control.

Discover more about the changes Clint made with his Tenfold Business Coach to turn his business around completely.

Franklin Plumbing Logo

Brett Franklin
Franklin Plumbing

After moving his family to Torquay, Brett Franklin had to restart his business. Hear how the expert advice of his mentor at Tenfold Business Coaching helped rebuild the business.


Key points of Brett’s review:

  • Coaching provided new marketing strategies to attract good quality jobs
  • The win rate of the right jobs improved
  • Increased job profit
  • Built the confidence within Brett to plan for the future

Read Brett’s success story here.

M Ewald Building Logo

Michael Ewald
m.ewald Building

Michael knew he was a good renovation builder, but trade school didn’t teach him how to run a business. Tenfold Business Coaching filled the knowledge gaps and more.

Key points of Michael’s review:

  • Business was ok but they were hooked on insurance work
  • Michael knew his business needed help to win more of his ideal projects – high end renovations and extensions
  • Working with a Tenfold Business Coach improved systems including quoting and converting
  • Revenue has increased x2.5, and net profit has tripled.

Hear in Michael’s own words how his Tenfold Business Coach is taking the business to the next level.

Sarah Dillon
KD Landscapes

Husband and wife team Kris and Sarah Dillon knew their landscape construction business was making money… but they felt they were always making guesses.

Key points:

  • They wanted to understand their business better;
  • A former boss referred them to the business coaching firm that supported his success;
  • Tenfold helped Kris and Sarah have the business they want and deserve.

Find out more about how Tenfold coaching backed Sarah and Kris’s business.

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