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Management Coaching for Small-Medium Businesses

Business mentoring and executive coaching for leaders and managers in Australian businesses

Everyone deserves to reach their full potential. At Tenfold, we are business coaches who provide mentoring to directors, general managers, management team members and senior leaders of small to mid-size businesses in Australia.

Unlike life coaches or career advisers, we don’t talk about your “spirit animal” or the “colour of your feelings”.

Instead, we use proven methods to coach managers to achieve lasting success for their business, their team and themselves.

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management coaching australia

Equip your managers to lead high performers in your business with:

Individualised development plansTools for improving communicationGuidance for managing difficult staffManagement skills to lead productive teams

Equip your managers with tools and skills to lead high performers in your business.

Individualised development plansTools for improving communicationGuidance for managing difficult staffManagement skills to lead productive teams

Review of Tenfold Business Coaching

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“Management coaching with Tenfold taught me to challenge my own thinking and that has changed the way I work.

The work behaviour assessment tools (DISC) really improved our teamwork. Now we understand each other’s communication styles better. It’s made our team much more cohesive and effective.”

Jacqui Banham
Clinical Services Director

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Business growth through leadership coaching

Empowering managers to deliver results that matter to your business.

Our management coaching services uses proven executive development techniques to improve leadership skills.

We have earned the reputation as Australia’s leading coaching firm, built on 20+ years of growing business owners and senior managers, and team members who have management potential.

By focusing business outcomes as driver for leadership growth, we use management coaching to grow people to deliver tangible results for their business.

It’s why we’ve been awarded Coaching Firm of the Year… every year since 2017.

Explore what’s possible for your business when your leadership is elevated with Tenfold’s executive coaching services.

The Business Excellence Forum & Awards Coaching Firm of the Year 2022

Meet the team of Tenfold Business Mentors

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How management coaching works with Tenfold

Practical advice and plans to improve the capability and confidence of your managers.

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Our mentors use trusted executive coaching models to transform leadership and deliver lasting improvements. Consistent results are achieved through:

  • Time management: “Work smarter, not harder” is a management motto is because it’s bloody good advice. We coach leaders on time management and how to align their time and effort with the business’s strategic priorities.

  • Accountability: You probably know what you need to do, right? But sometimes the urgent gets in the way of the important. That’s where we keep you on track with regular one-on-one coaching sessions. Meetings are in person or via Zoom, structured to optimise your one-on-one time with your business mentor.

  • Strategic direction: Big picture planning for the business. We help you develop the team for the future. Leadership mentoring is for business owners and senior employees to upskill and match your capabilities with the business’ goals.

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Executive and leadership coaching for real results

Back your business leaders with the leaders in business coaching.

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When you work one-on-one with a Tenfold business mentor, you get the advice of a business growth expert. Our management coaching gets results for the business by improving the people in the business.

A Tenfold coach works with managers to:

  • Identify better ways of working

  • Improve communication within your team to get better outcomes

  • Manage a difficult key employee

  • Restructure roles in the business for future growth
  • Feel confident to deal with the internal challenges and external threats

  • Build a culture that’s positive and productive

  • Give owners and managers practical advice to lead high performing teams

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How does your leadership knowledge stack up?

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