Review of business coaching

From Blake Joniec,
Joniec Plumbing

Blake Joniec
Blake Joniec

I’m Blake Joniec, director of Joniec Plumbing. We’re a plumbing maintenance company, servicing the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

I started as a sole trader in 2006. It felt like the business really started to “grow up” in 2008 when I hired our first employee. When my wife, Sharee, joined it was great to be working together as a team. We kept growing the business, one person at a time.

We had some roadblocks as you do in business; there were some that we could overcome and others not so much. Growth was our biggest challenge. We were about to spend big on advertising but we were introduced to a coaching company called Tenfold. After speaking with them, we decided to invest in coaching as opposed to spending on ads.

We wanted to get more of an understanding of our business and how we could progress and get around these roadblocks. Some of those roadblocks were staffing issues, profit issues. We thought we were making money and some jobs were at a loss without us even knowing.

With hindsight, you can see the patterns that were holding you back in business

We were making decisions recklessly, should I say, or unevaluated. And now the decisions are made professionally, assessed and it’s based on fact.

Coaching helped us make the right changes in the right order. One of the key things was putting in place a job management system. Now we know our business better, we can use the system to give us better information about jobs. We now have a total handle on job profitability. It’s made a huge improvement in our business. We can now step away and run that remotely.

We will continue to grow and it’s also given us work life balance

In the early days of the business we would take any job, any customer, and work was work. Now with coaching we know our target market, we know our niche and we go after the quality work that makes us good margins. When we started with Tenfold, we were unsure what to expect or even what we wanted. As coaching progressed, we worked on not only business goals and business plans but also life goals.

Our coach gives us assurance and guidance

One of the great things about having a coach is when those unknown situations arise in business. There are so many hurdles that pop up that you haven’t run into before. My coach has seen it before and he’s in a firm of business coaches so they’ve got experience across lots of industries and businesses. I know my business coach is another third eye that comes in and gives you that assurance and guidance.

The decision to work with Tenfold is probably one of the best decisions we’ve made. Business coaching has helped take our plumbing business to the next level.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, I would definitely recommend Tenfold.