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Testimonial from Mark Silver – Future Business Systems

I have a medium sized business – computer software development, systems integration, and consulting and hardware sales.

I started working with Ashley because I realised I needed help with focusing on getting things moving. I started the business when I was 17, so I hadn’t had a lot of exposure to how to run a business – I’m self taught.

The biggest benefit to working with a coach is keeping me focussed on tasks and making sure I keep looking at the longer term rather than the everyday things that I’d be concentrating on if I weren’t working with Ashley.

Growth, profitability and expansion have been biggest areas of impact. The year before we started the program, we were making a loss. Since then, we have turned our losses into profits and achieved profit growth of around 100% per annum.

Ashley’s given me more confidence to make decisions.

Business Coaching has changed the way I interact with my business, because I’ve employed another ten or twelve staff since we started – the whole dynamic of the business has changed, so my role has changed. It’s changed the amount of hours I spend working in the business – I used to work 80 hour weeks, and I’m now down to 60. I don’t work weekends now. Now the spare time I’ve got I spend on non-work activities.

It’s worth the investment.

To learn more about Future Business Systems visit their website at www.fbsaust.com.au.