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Business coaching and advice for selling your business

Strategic advice and plans for maximising the value of your business sale.

Selling your business to an external buyer is the most common way to exit a business and access the wealth you have built. It’s also a very complex process.

To get the most value for your business, the best outcome is to find the right buyer and get the right price and the right terms. That’s where we come in.

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Did you know? Economic cycle conditions can impact the sale price of a business by 29%

Individualised development plansTools for improving communicationGuidance for managing difficult staffManagement skills to lead productive teams

Review of Tenfold Business Coaching

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“Our Tenfold coach worked with us to position the business for sale.

The first offer we received was decent but we were confident to decline it and hold out for better. Then we were approached by one of the major players in the Australian aged-care sector with a very attractive offer.

We sold the business and now we have complete financial freedom.”

Cathy Thesing, Former Director
Leading Nutrition

Leading Nutrition testimonial about coaching with Tenfold Business Coaching

Business coaching to maximise your sale value

Realise the full value of your business wealth with strategic advice.

One-on-one coaching with a Tenfold business mentor gives your business direction and support. Our reputation as Australia’s leading business coach firm has been earned from 20+ years of results.

As a firm, we have successfully coached business clients to achieve sale prices of double-digit multiple of EBITDA.

The sale outcomes we have achieved for our clients have set up them up for financial independence and security.

It’s why we’ve been awarded Coaching Firm of the Year… every year since 2017.

The Business Excellence Forum & Awards Coaching Firm of the Year 2022

The right advice and planning make all the difference in selling a business profitably. Explore how an experienced Tenfold coach can support your business.

Meet the Tenfold Business Coaches

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How a Tenfold business coach helps to sell your business

Strategic planning and market tactics for the optimum sale outcome.

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Our business coaches provide objective advice to help you maximise the value of your business sale.

  • Preparing the business to list: assess the business’ readiness for sale from all angles, preparing for an external buyer’s due diligence;
  • Identifying potential strategic buyers: reviewing key players within the value chain to scope out options for sale, merger or acquisition opportunities;

  • Deep research on potential buyers: analysing their previous acquisitions, purchase prices, appetite and strategies for growth;
  • Positioning as a buy option: Discretely positioning your business as a desirable target to selected potential acquirers;

  • Soliciting offers: Elicit favourable offers, leveraging market tension to drive price;

  • Assessing offers: reviewing bid against NPV and future earnings, terms of sale, guidance on which offers to decline vs consider;

  • Maintaining the business: continuing to run the business as a desirable acquisition while the business is on the market.
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A business coach has a balanced view of prices

Calculating the value of your businesses’ potential earnings as a price driver.

A word of advice: there are risks involved in selling your business (both obvious risks and hidden risks). Whether you’re aiming to sell to an international company, an Australian listed corporation, consortium, private equity or to another business owner, you should be aware.

An obvious risk – and potentially the most expensive one – is not getting the best price for your business. The harsh reality is that many business owners have a biased view of their own business and its worth. Business owners calculate the energy, effort and sacrifices they have put in to building the business, especially if they started it from scratch. They think about what the business means to them, and they can often overlook or downplay issues that are holding the business back. And that’s the problem that causes the value bias.

But buyers don’t look at where your business has come from or how it got here; they are only interested in how much wealth it can create for them in the future. The potential earnings and asset appreciation are what reflects the full value of the business’ worth to a buyer.

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