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Introducing the Tenfold Business Coaching Team

Experts in results, growth, discovery and results (yes, we said 'results' twice).

We have business coach professionals with hands-on experience across all stages of the business life cycle. But that’s what you’d expect when you’re looking for specialists in business coaching, right?

So what sets Tenfold apart from the run-of-the-mill business coach? We think what makes us special is, well…, us. And our clients agree.

See, when you have a Tenfold business mentor and coach, not only do you get an expert who is committed to your business’ success, you also get a world-class support team. Each member of our team has been carefully selected for their professional experience and knowledge in key areas including sales, marketing, HR and recruitment, contracts and finance, project management, and systems.

Meet the team and discover the difference (and why we LOVE working here).

Meet Business Coach Lee Dore: soccer player, foodie, outcomes driver

I’ve always been motivated in life by getting out of my comfort zone. Whether that’s moving to the other side of the world (I’m originally from the UK), taking up a new sport like boxing or just challenging myself in an environment that I’m not used to, it’s something that I believe brings out the best in people.

The same goes for when I’m coaching. It can be quite scary as a business owner to take a leap of faith into something you’ve never done before. It’s often easier to stick with what you know. But as long as the risks are calculated and there’s some science behind the strategy, the reward is always worth it!

People describe me as: hardworking, competitive, genuine

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business & Human Resource Management

My key areas of expertise: For over a decade now I’ve been helping scale businesses and improve their profitability. Whether it’s a new start up or a mature business looking to take that next step, I’m able to dissect a business and identify the areas of opportunity. Knowing what levers to pull and when to pull them is what can make all the difference.

What I love about being a business coach: Working in an environment where every day we challenge ourselves to be better. Always striving to improve so we can continue to help our clients achieve their goals and dreams.

Beyond the office: I’m all about making the most of life. So if I’m not off holidaying with the family somewhere, I’m likely enjoying Melbourne’s food scene with a nice breaky or out to dinner. And you’re always likely to find me watching or playing some kind of sport!

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Meet Business Coach Arjen van den Broek: sales superhero in a SCUBA suit.

Salt water runs through my veins. Ever since my first SCUBA dive, I’ve been fascinated with life below the waves. When you take time to explore – whether it’s the ocean or a business or a team – you can be amazed at the possibilities you discover.

With business mentoring, I love to dive into a business and see potential that has never been examined before.”

People describe me as: trustworthy, sales superhero, mentor.

Qualifications: Advanced Diploma in Business / Marketing, Post Graduate Degree in International Business and Economics and Post Graduate Degree in Human Resources.

My key areas of expertise: Having worked as a business mentor in Melbourne with many businesses at different stages in different industries, I know what to focus on to get real results. My clients say I’m great at defining a clear path to achieve the outcomes they want.

What I love about my work: Getting a postcard from my business coaching clients when they’re on holiday and knowing that the team and systems we have implemented enable their business to run profitably without them.

Beyond the office: When I’m not in the water, you can find me with my family at the South Melbourne market stocking up on delicacies to enjoy over a fun filled weekend.

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Meet Business Coach Ashley Thomson: mountain hiker, bike rider, results driver

“I haven’t met a mountain I didn’t want to hike up and ride down. Naturally, there’s the buzz of adrenalin when you speed down rocky terrain or the thrill when you reach a new summit  – those are pretty awesome sensations – but what makes the complete experience great for me is the planning and the preparation to make each hike and ride a success.

And it’s the same with providing coaching for my clients. I love mapping out the path and selecting the right strategies that help my clients achieve their business goals. And when they do achieve them, now that’s a buzz!”

People describe me as: enthusiastic about detail, focused, committed.

Qualifications: Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering), Graduate Diploma of Business Management.

My key areas of expertise: Passionate about the numbers in the business, I focus strategies for mature-stage businesses.

What I love about being a business coach: Since becoming a qualified business coach, I’ve conducted over 10,000 coaching sessions, possibly more than any other business coach in the world. I was pretty chuffed to be awarded the Coach of the Year again in 2015 (a follow on from my win in 2012), which I attribute to the consistent success I help my clients achieve in their businesses. What I love the most though, is seeing my clients win awards for their great efforts and outcomes.

Beyond the office: I love wrapping up a busy week with a trip out of Melbourne with my family to enjoy the great outdoors, whether it’s rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking or skiing.

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Meet Business Development Executive Fiona Leeder: renovator, energiser, connector

“I love the smell of new plaster, the *pop* of opening a fresh tin of paint, the whir of an electric drill. To me they signify possibility, which is what I love about renovating. I’m inspired by the opportunity of taking something with untapped potential and creating a great lasting impression.

In my role as Business Development Executive, I get to speak with small business owners who feel like their business is a “fixer-upper”. They know their business has potential but they just don’t know where to start chipping away, and that’s where I can help.

People describe me as: optimistic, perceptive, genuine.

My key areas of expertise: Having worked for 11 years in recruitment, my insight and knowledge supports our clients across all stages of hiring new team members.

What I love about my work: Hearing clients who are new to Tenfold Coaching say “I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner!”

Beyond the office: My family and I love to entertain friends – and imagine our next renovation project!

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Meet Business Coach Mace Rushgrove: global adventurer turned business strategist

“It’s all about that next big adventure – If you’re not excited about something right this minute, then this minute is the perfect time for you to find something that you are excited about!”

From working and living on the snowfields of Colorado to mining for copper 1.5kms underground in the Australian outback. Mace is focused on making the most of his life experience and that includes helping SME business owners to make the most of theirs.

People describe me as: energetic, compassionate, motivational.

Qualifications: Registered Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia / Bachelor of Business and Commerce from Monash University.

My key areas of expertise: Having worked for over 10 years as a Chartered Accountant within world class organisations, my financial insight and understanding are first class. My career background coupled with my passion for personal development have afforded me a uniquely powerful perspective which I passionately apply to Business Coaching.

What I love about being a business coach: Watching clients take their first “dream holiday” and knowing that the work and planning we put in together has truly allowed them seize the day!

Beyond the office: I always enjoy planning and taking that next big adventure with my wife and my 3 daughters. But even more than that, I love watching my family grow and develop. Whether it be via a game of chess, basketball or simply an interesting book, I get the most out of seeing the people around me learn and apply something new.

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Meet Business Coach Martin Coyle: Sports fan, problem solver, ideas guy.

“Coming from the UK, I’m a keen football (‘soccer’) fan. The passion of the players, the game strategies and the team dynamics all come together for an energetic match. And it’s a lot like business: anyone can kick a ball, but it takes skill, knowledge and attitude to bend it like Beckham.

Through coaching, I’m able to equip and empower business owners with the skills and the vision to score great results. Success is often simply a case of knowing the right things to do and then doing them consistently, 1% better than everyone else.”

People describe me as: energetic, problem-solver extraordinaire, franchise guru.

Qualifications: I am professionally qualified, having studied business at London Southbank University. I also have a Diploma in Business, a Diploma in Management, Certificate IV in Micro-computing, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and Certificate IV in Business Sales. I have also owned and operated several successful businesses that I started, grew profitably and sold.

My key areas of expertise: I’ve had great experience taking established businesses from being stagnant and struggling to super-charged and successful. The strength I bring as a coach is being able to create solutions and identify opportunities that the business owners can’t see because they’re stuck in the business. Having coached many businesses at different stages in different industries in Melbourne and overseas, I know what to focus on to get real results.

What I love about my work: When business owners discover there are some straightforward steps that I can show them to regain control of their business, it changes their whole perspective. It’s like I’ve lifted a 10-tonne burden and given them freedom and choice – that’s why I do what I do.

Beyond the office: I’m an avid admirer of classic cars and motorbikes, the sleek lines and the elegant engineering gets my motor running! With a mind for detail, I enjoy the artful science of baking and when I’m not in the kitchen cooking up a storm, you’ll find me watching my beloved Manchester United playing football.

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Meet Business Manager Michele Fountain: Weaver extraordinaire, systems developer, IT geek.

“ ‘Weaving?’ I often hear people say. Yes, weaving. Some people might only see the scarf or the shawl as the end result but I delight in looking at the separate strands of yarn and carefully considering the perfect order and combination to produce something special.

And for me it’s the same with developing streamlined processes. Looking at all the parts, steps and requirements, I craft reliable systems that save time, improve productivity and produce measurable results.”

People describe me as: thorough, knowledgable, smiley.

My key areas of expertise: My penchant for a great system – whether it’s to benefit time, money, or team – comes in handy in my role as coach support.

What I love about my work: Working with a team of professionals who support each other to achieve greatness.

Beyond the office: When I’m not weaving or walking my dog with my partner, I’m admiring the wonder of nature in a national park or botanical garden. Bliss

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Meet Practice Manager Tania Baker: avid reader, marketing nerd, people person.

I’m captivated by stories, whether they’re imagined in a novel or experienced in the real world. I often have three books on the go, all of different genres and topics, and each one is a journey of learning and enjoyment page by page.

Talking to our clients, I hear great stories of how they started in business and where their journey is taking them. And those are the best stories of all: choose your own adventure.

People describe me as: friendly, insightful, quick-witted.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing), Certificate V in Project Management.

My key areas of expertise: My background in B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) marketing provides valuable input to our clients’ marketing strategies and plans.

What I love about my work: Collaborating with an amazing team who encourage and inspire each other every day.

Beyond the office: One of my all-time favourite book genres is the cook book so you’ll often find me preparing a feast for my family. Yum!

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Meet Business Coach Tony Trent: digital doyen, marketing maven, growth agent.

“Call me a nerd (and people do!) but I love data. Numbers, calculations, analysis, forecasts, I love it all because the code to success is right there in the data. The secret is knowing how to use that data to your advantage, whether that’s for targeting the right markets, improving profits, or helping your team succeed by being their most productive. The best thing about business coaching is cracking the data code and using it to help good businesses become great ones.”

People describe me as: a country kid at heart, willing to have a go, energiser.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering and a Graduate Certificate, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

My key areas of expertise: With 10 years in National Marketing Manager roles, I can show my clients how to ignite their customer base through the power of partnerships and compelling content. And thanks to my engineering background, I’m great at making complex issues simple.

What I love about being a business coach: Finding those one-percenters in a business – the small improvements that over the long term can make a significant difference.

Beyond the office: I love being active, whether it’s playing with my family, going for a run or paddling the bay, you’ll never find me sitting still.

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Meet Client Relationship Manager Amelia Hosseini: world traveller, event planner, knowledge seeker

They say, “Variety is the spice of life” and whether it be through travel, recreational activities, a great board game or a captivating conversation, I love experiencing all the amazing variety the world has to offer. Having been exposed to so much diversity overseas and at home, I love knowing that there is still so much of the world to learn about and experience!

Similarly, our clients’ experiences also excite me; the travels they have taken to get to where they are and the open road of opportunity ahead of them.

People describe me as: social, positive, resourceful

My key areas of expertise: Making sure things run smoothly so that the team and clients can make the most out of their time together.

What I love about my work: Watching a client’s journey with their coach and being a part of the bigger picture success of that relationship.

Beyond the office: I love spending down time with family and friends. When I’m not playing board games or watching movies with them, I enjoy being a part of my community and I’m always looking for new ways to be of service.

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