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Introducing the Tenfold Business Coaching Team

Experts in results, growth, discovery and results (yes, we said 'results' twice).

We have business coach professionals with hands-on experience across all stages of the business life cycle. But that’s what you’d expect when you’re looking for specialists in business coaching, right?

So what sets Tenfold apart from the run-of-the-mill business coach? We think what makes us special is, well…, us. And our clients agree.

See, when you have a Tenfold business mentor and coach, not only do you get an expert who is committed to your business’ success, you also get a world-class support team. Each member of our team has been carefully selected for their professional experience and knowledge in key areas including sales, marketing, HR and recruitment, contracts and finance, project management, and systems.

Meet the team and discover the difference (and why we LOVE working here).

Meet Business Growth Expert Carlo D’Andrea: king of the kitchen, outdoor adventurer, business champion

I’m a huge advocate for people who back themselves, who look at a challenge and say, “I reckon I could have a go at that, and do it even better.” I saw first-hand growing up in a family of business owners that success is built by people who are prepared to go all in, and I’ve taken that with me throughout my own life and career.

My approach to every challenge is to look at the whole and then focus on the parts that will make the biggest positive impact. In coaching, that’s a real advantage because it enables us to separate the distractions and noise from the actions that will progress the business towards achieving the big picture goals.

People describe me as: positive, curious, resourceful

Qualifications: Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business (Management), Associate Diploma of Business (Accounting)

My key areas of expertise: One of the biggest challenges facing business owners is time – more specifically, shortage of time they have to do everything. My expertise is being able to identify which areas of the business will benefit the most from extra attention and effort from me, the business leader and their team. That helps us prioritise which means the business owner’s time is optimised for actions that will drive their business forward. I’ve used this expertise to transform businesses across multiple industry sectors such as construction and trades, professional services and FMCG.

What I love about being a business coach: There’s a saying we have at Tenfold: “Get the process right and the results will follow.” The best thing about coaching is seeing my clients get results from the effort they put in to getting the process right – getting the right people in their team doing good work for the right clients.

It’s rewarding because it’s a collaboration – we draw on my experience of coaching a broad range of businesses and my client’s deep knowledge of their business. By combining our breadth and depth, we develop strategies that grow their business and deliver real results.

Beyond the office: I love being active outdoors. I’m originally from WA so I’m in my element under big blue skies. Now that I’ve made Victoria my home, I love exploring the beautiful (although colder!) environment my new state has to offer. I’m a keen cook with a weakness for burgers.

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Meet Business Coach Lee Dore: fitness fanatic, foodie, outcomes driver

I’ve always been motivated in life by getting out of my comfort zone. Whether that’s moving to the other side of the world (I’m originally from the UK), taking up a new sport like boxing or just challenging myself in an environment that I’m not used to, it’s something that I believe brings out the best in people.

The same goes for when I’m coaching. It can be quite gutsy as a business owner to take a leap of faith into something you’ve never done before. It’s often easier to stick with what you know. But as long as the risks are calculated and there’s some science behind the strategy, the reward is always worth it!

People describe me as: hardworking, competitive, genuine

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business & Human Resource Management

My key areas of expertise: For over a decade now I’ve been helping scale businesses and improve their profitability. Whether it’s a new start up or a mature business looking to take that next step, I’m able to dissect a business and identify the areas of opportunity. Knowing what levers to pull and when to pull them is what can make all the difference.

What I love about being a business coach: Working in an environment where every day we challenge ourselves to be better. Always striving to improve so we can continue to help our clients achieve their goals and dreams.

Beyond the office: I’m all about making the most of life. So if I’m not off holidaying with the family somewhere, I’m likely enjoying Melbourne’s food scene with a nice breaky or out to dinner. And you’re always likely to find me watching or playing some kind of sport!

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Meet Managing Director Ashley Thomson: mountain hiker, bike rider, results driver

“I haven’t met a mountain I didn’t want to hike up and ride down. Naturally, there’s the buzz of adrenaline when you speed down rocky terrain or the thrill when you reach a new summit  – those are pretty awesome sensations – but what makes the complete experience great for me is the planning and the preparation to make each hike and ride a success.

And it’s the same with coaching my clients. I love mapping out the path and selecting the right strategies that help my clients achieve their business goals. And when they do achieve them, now that’s a buzz!”

People describe me as: enthusiastic about detail, focused, committed.

Qualifications: Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering), Graduate Diploma of Business Management.

My key areas of expertise: I focus on big picture strategies for mature-stage businesses with the goal for the owners to have complete financial freedom.

What I love about being a business coach: Since becoming a qualified business coach in 2002, I’ve conducted over 15,000 coaching sessions, possibly more than any other business coach in the world. I was pretty chuffed that our team was awarded the Business Coach Firm of the Year again in 2021 (following our wins in 2020, 2019 and 2018), which I attribute to the consistent success we help our clients achieve in their businesses. What I love the most though is seeing my clients win awards for their great efforts and outcomes.

Beyond the office: I love wrapping up a busy week with a trip out of Melbourne with my family to enjoy the great outdoors, whether it’s rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking or skiing.

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Meet Practice Manager Tania Baker: avid reader, marketing nerd, people person.

I’m captivated by stories, whether they’re imagined in a novel or experienced in the real world. I often have three books on the go, all of different genres and topics, and each one is a journey of learning and enjoyment page by page.

Talking to our clients, I hear great stories of how they started in business and where their journey is taking them. And those are the best stories of all: choose your own adventure.

People describe me as: friendly, insightful, quick-witted.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing), Certificate V in Project Management.

My key areas of expertise: My background in B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) marketing provides valuable input to our clients’ marketing strategies and plans.

What I love about my work: Collaborating with an amazing team who encourage and inspire each other every day.

Beyond the office: One of my all-time favourite book genres is the cook book so you’ll often find me preparing a feast for my family. Yum!

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Meet Business Support Coordinator Emerson Wise: Quiet achiever, quick learner.

Any sport that allows me to get a competitive edge, I will play! Whether it is a low-key match of lawn bowls… or a full-on game of AFL, I am in. I love the challenge of thinking several steps ahead and anticipating how the game may unfold. I also love the feeling of a new experience and committing myself to find new ways to improve.

As Business Support Coordinator, new experiences in my work are limitless, whether it is learning from one of our experienced business coaches or researching a new software program to benefit the business, I am constantly expanding my knowledge and my skills.

People describe me as: dedicated, determined, collaborative

Qualifications: Currently studying commerce (BCom/BSc)

My key areas of expertise: My inquisitive mind provides me with the motivation to really understand any issue we’re trying to solve, whether it’s for a client or for Tenfold.

What I love about my work: Seeing how each business coach uses their wide range of business strategies and skills that has empowered many companies to succeed and thrive.

Beyond the office:  No matter what the weather is, I love being outside. If I’m not studying, I am usually playing the sports I love like cricket, footy, swimming, the list goes on!

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Meet Client Services Coordinator Kirsten Matthews: Administration extraordinaire, beach goer, system enhancer

I love sitting on the beach to listen and watch the waves roll in and out. It relaxes me, allows me to re-group and cut out all the life noise. I remind myself of what is important and use the down time to think about the next steps to achieving my goals and how I will continue to make them a priority.

As our Client Services Coordinator, I assist the each business coach with supportive tasks for our clients. My role allows the coaches to maintain their focus on the clients and to continuously think about the path to achieving the next step in growing the client’s business.

People describe me as: reliable, organised, supportive.

My key areas of expertise: My enjoyment of administration and understanding systems means I can quickly create reports that help coaches and clients with the information they need.

What I love about my work: positively  contributing to a streamlined team which supports us all to focus on the best outcomes for clients and help them take their business to the next level.

Beyond the office: When I’m not bingeing the latest TV series on Netflix or online shopping, I’m relaxing at the beach, or sitting under a big tree in a park appreciating all the greenery.

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Meet Business Manager Michele Fountain: Weaver extraordinaire, systems developer, IT geek.

“ ‘Weaving?’ I often hear people say. Yes, weaving. Some people might only see the scarf or the shawl as the end result but I delight in looking at the separate strands of yarn and carefully considering the perfect order and combination to produce something special.

And for me it’s the same with developing streamlined processes. Looking at all the parts, steps and requirements, I craft reliable systems that save time, improve productivity and produce measurable results.”

People describe me as: thorough, knowledgable, smiley.

My key areas of expertise: My penchant for a great system – whether it’s to benefit time, money, or team – comes in handy in my role as coach support.

What I love about my work: Working with a team of professionals who support each other to achieve greatness.

Beyond the office: When I’m not weaving or walking my dog with my partner, I’m admiring the wonder of nature in a national park or botanical garden. Bliss

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