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Meet Business Growth Expert Lee Dore

Originally from the UK, Lee made the move to Australia back in 2008 where he quickly set up a life for himself. For over a decade now he has been working with established businesses and positively impacting their bottom line.

With a strong background in strategic management, Lee focuses on the big picture and aligning the functions of business to drive outcomes. He has experience working with major tier 1 brands such as Toyota, Vodafone, EnergyAustralia, GM Holden and PayPal. Lee excels at identifying the roadblocks to scaling a business and will work with business owners to implement practical strategies with useful measurement metrics. In addition, he is also a big advocate for goal setting – a task he not only does with his clients but one he ensures he mirrors himself too.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish. It’s a starting point knowing what the end goal looks like, but if you don’t know the quickest way to get there then 9/10 that’s the reason it doesn’t happen!”

Lee obtained a Bachelor degree in Business & Human Resource Management and has since gone on to own and operate his own businesses. Understanding what it takes to succeed whether you’re an innovative start-up, or an established business looking to take that next step, Lee has been directly responsible for more than $50m in sales and been a driving force behind significant growth in all companies he has worked for.

The results Lee achieves for clients sees him consistently ranked in the top 10 of business coaches across the AsiaPacific region, which is why he is a highly-sought after mentor and adviser for Australian businesses.

Outside of work, Lee likes to get out of the city on weekends with his wife and daughter whenever they can. Whether that’s a trip out to one of the local wine regions or a nice dinner around Melbourne, he knows that a positive work-life balance is important to having success at any level.