Business coaching for family businesses

Objective advice to protect the legacy and plan for the future.

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Many Australian family businesses have been built on loyalty and longevity.

Every business coach at Tenfold is experienced in working with family businesses. We know how to preserve the value of the business and set it up for the future with plans for continued success.

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Guiding family businesses through change

Advancing family businesses with trusted advice and structured plans.

Family businesses have advantages over other businesses. The relationships within the business between parents and children, siblings and spouses, means that members of family businesses often have shared values, common goals, personal investment and are committed to long term prosperity.

But family businesses can also be very complex, particularly if there are complicated interpersonal relationships and differing interests.

Founders want to protect the legacy they have built. It’s equally as important for successors to make their own mark and achieve their own success.

Transitioning a business between family members can be more challenging than selling the business to an unrelated buyer. That’s where the objective guidance from a Tenfold business coach can help.

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Meet the experts who coach family businesses

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How business coaching for family business works

Proven approaches and strategies customised to your family business.

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Our business coach team provide practical advice across all functions of the business including marketing, financial management, service delivery and operations. At the strategic level, your Tenfold business coach assists with:

  • Guidance on how to calculate the value of the business;
  • Review the current ownership structure and provide support for partnership agreements and buy/sell agreements;

  • Facilitate agreement and accountability for the change of ownership;

  • Roadmap of the handover so there is a clear plan of what needs to be done, by who and by when;
  • If the founding business owners want to retain a shareholding in the business, we establish an advisory group with reporting mechanisms;

  • Coaching for the new leaders of the business on big picture goals and strategic planning; financial management, team leadership;

  • Succession planning to facilitate an equitable and respectful transition to the new leaders;

  • Big picture planning and direction for the next chapter of business growth
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Speak with a family business expert at Tenfold Business Coaching today and discover what’s possible for your business.

See the big picture for your family business…

Give your family business the advantage of a fresh perspective from an experienced business coach.

As an unrelated party, Tenfold business coaches are objective and unbiased. Our role as an external advisor and mentor is to always act in the best interests of the business. While we understand the nuances of family businesses, we’re not affected by them. That gives you and your family business the advantage of our impartiality.

Our advice provides clarity for the commercial aspects of your business, which protects your personal family relationships. The outcome of a successful transition is a harmonious family and a business that is positioned for ongoing success.

Our colleagues at Family Business Australia agree: The right advice and planning makes all the difference. Speak with Tenfold today to explore how we can support your family in business.

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20+ year legacy of results

A reputation is earned from consistent effort.

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We’ve been coaching businesses in Australia for over 20 years. We’ve coached businesses to thrive in good times, survive the hard times and create legacies the founders are proud of.

Anyone who knows the competitive landscape of Australian small business knows you don’t have two decades of repeated success through luck.

We put in the effort and we invest in continually developing our expertise so our clients and their businesses are always getting the best business coach.

No shortcuts, no fluff, no excuses.

Earn the results, be proud, plan ahead. That’s the Tenfold way.

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