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Now is the time to

Are you on track?
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Now is the time to

OTY Are you on track?
Speak with an expert today

Business Coaching, Advice and Strategies that gets Real Results

With Tenfold Business Coaching, our proven strategies can help you to:


Free up your time to work ON the business, not IN it


Give back time and achieve a healthy work/life balance


Lead a high performing team


Lay out your strategy, stay on track and provide the expertise to guide you


Re-strategise your sales, staffing, supplier management and systems


Benefit from our Executive Coaching that will equip, empower and inspire you

Premium Business Coaches & Mentors in Melbourne backed by Specialists in Marketing, Recruitment and Systems.


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Tenfold Business Coaching Specialist Business Coach, Mentor and Advice service

You would never expect a sports team to win the grand final without the strategies of a talented and experienced coach, and business is no different.

Behind every successful business, you will find a business coach, ready to mentor you and analyse your business from a completely objective position.

With Tenfold Business Coaching, based in Melbourne, you can experience such guidance.

Your experienced business coach will be on your side whilst challenging you to really look at your business, assess your priorities and take the right action to achieve the right results.

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What does a business coach do to take my business to the next level?

In 17 years of professional business coaching, we’ve seen it all – yes, that’s a big claim, and it’s true.

We’ve heard business owners say that they’ve become totally absorbed by their business. How all of their time is spent putting out fires so they never get time to work ON the business – let alone time for themselves or their family.

Sound familiar? We get it.

If you’ve been working in your business without getting the results you deserve, now is the time to change.

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Business strategies that put you ahead of your competition and maximise your profits

Our professional business coaches in Melbourne smash through the roadblocks by showing you the clarity, direction and tactics to move forward.

We take time to understand where your business is really at and what’s holding you back. Then we customise an action plan to get you where you want to be. Unlike an inexperienced business coach that makes it up as they go along and hope their idea works, we have proven strategies that produce REAL results. That’s worth repeating: PROVEN strategies that produce REAL results.

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Experience matters

Since 2002, we have clocked over 30,000 hours (and counting!) of premium business coaching experience across metropolitan Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

Our coaching experience is the difference

It’s those 30,000 hours that have enabled our business coaches & mentors to see beyond the distractions and focus solely on the main game & big picture plan:

INCREASE your turnover, IMPROVE your profitability and get your CASH FLOWING.

More importantly, if you want to take your business to the next level, we know the way. We’ve been there and done that.

The Business YOU Want Starts Here

With Tenfold Business Coaching, our proven strategies and methodologies can help you to:

  • Map out the right strategy and stay on track 
  • Free up your time to work ON the business, not IN it
  • Achieve a healthy work/life balance
  • Recruit and lead a high performing team
  • Grow your sales, cash flow and profit
  • Improve your key business functions: service delivery, supplier management and systems
  • Benefit from our Executive Coaching that will equip, empower and inspire your team to achieve success and lead from the front
  • Grow using our Customised Coaching options, which will examine ‘out of the ordinary’ events that are impacting on your business
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Build Your Business Acumen

Your business needs you at your best.

Our premium business coaches will provide you with the knowledge to successfully plan and implement your business strategy, so you can meet your competition head on and take your business to the next level. Our coaching is like an MBA tailored specifically for you and your business. Whatever your industry or business size, we can tailor our coaching to deliver results that matter for your business. Real profitability that will continue growing with your business as you develop and extend your own business acumen.  So contact our business coaching team in Melbourne today to arrange a complimentary business diagnostic.  Ranked as one of the top 5 business coaching firms across the world’s largest coaching body, you can feel confident in our ability to offer you a personalised business coaching experience that works.

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Choose Wisely


Business coaching is an UNREGULATED industry! Unlike most other professional services (think legal, accounting, banking and finance), there is no governing body, no code of conduct, no review board that holds coaches accountable to the standard of coaching they provide.

With no licensing requirements, anyone can call themselves a business coach, hang a shingle and charge good money for (sometimes questionable) advice. So what’s the benchmark for a good coach? Client results and client satisfaction. Those are the real regulators of success in this industry.

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The biggest benefit to working with a coach is keeping me focussed on tasks and making sure I keep looking at the longer term rather than the everyday things that I’d be concentrating on if I weren’t working with Ashley.

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