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Strategic advice and plans for having your business run by a manager.

When you’re ready to step back from being hands-on in your business, it’s time to consider having your business run under management.

The right manager can take over the day to day operations, which can free up your time and create a passive income stream for the business owner.

Before you hand over the reins of your biggest asset to someone else, explore how an experienced business coach at Tenfold can help accelerate the advantages (and avoid the risks!) of having your business run by a general manager or a management team.

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Review of Tenfold Business Coaching

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“Our Tenfold business coach worked with us to put a general manager in place to run our national team of 30.



It enabled us to step back from the business and do other things with our time. It’s given us the freedom we feel we’ve earned.”



Cathy Thesing, Former Director
Leading Nutrition

Leading Nutrition testimonial about coaching with Tenfold Business Coaching

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As Australia’s leading firm of business coaches and mentors, we know what it takes to successfully transition an established business to be run by an internal management team.

We ensure you have the right organisational structure in place: the right people in the right roles, clear reporting lines and accountability, performance targets and measurement.

Successful handover is the result of smart strategies and proven plans.

It’s why we’ve been awarded Coaching Firm of the Year… every year since 2017.

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Advantages of having your business run by manager

The choice and financial freedom you deserve.

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You may be looking to keep the business and retain ownership while stepping back from the day-to-day involvement of running it. There are several advantages to having the business run by a general manager or management team. The benefits of having a salaried manager run your business for you include:

  • You retain ownership of the asset you have built;
  • As the owner, you control the strategic direction of the business;
  • The asset delivers you a passive income stream, giving you financial freedom to pursue other investment and lifestyle goals;
  • With the right management, the business will continue to appreciate in value, thereby continuing to increase your wealth;
  • There may be tax advantages for your personal finances as the owner of an actively operating business;
  • Freedom to choose how you use your time and your wealth.
Lee Dore Extrordinair 2022

Speak with an expert at Tenfold Business Coaching today and explore options for having your business run without you.

How business coaching can enable your business to be run by a management team

Advice to identify and minimise risks to maximise results.

A profitable business is an asset that can be a passive income stream for the business owner. The rewards of handing over your business are very compelling. With any reward, there is an element of risk.

We draw on 20 years of coaching businesses across a range of industries to minimise the risks and achieve the benefits of a business run under management. We review your business and will work with you to ensure you have the right organisational structure in place to hand over the reins.

To make sure the business continues to operate smoothly and profitably, we implement robust business reporting. That enables you and your general manager to have visibility of the key drivers of your business. Your business coach sets up the right metrics to be reported on and the frequency, exception reporting, checks and balances.

We know that business owners should retain control over the strategic direction of the business. At Tenfold business coaching, we identify and embed appropriate decision-making protocols and mechanisms that are specific to your business. This provides accountability for the manager and assurance for the business owner.

Once the management of the business has been successfully handed over, we support the general manager or executive management team with coaching and mentoring to achieve your business goals.

A buy out by the manager is also a viable option to consider. Under this model, the value of the sale is often realised over a longer term. Tenfold can work with you and the manager to negotiate a buyout model and financial structure that achieves the desired outcome for both sides.

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