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Since 2002, Tenfold has been the business coaching partner to leading custom home builders like Rycon Building Group.

Explore what’s possible when your design and building skills are multiplied by Tenfold’s industry knowledge.

If you believe your construction business could do better and be better, find out what you can achieve with an experienced Tenfold business coach.

Business coaching and advice for the best version of your construction business

Know your numbers

If you’re unsure if you’ve made profit on a stage of your building project, then you probably haven’t. Harsh but fair.

Don’t wait til then end of the next project to change that. Now’s the time to get in front.

Get ahead of the pack

Stand out from your competitors.

Know what you’re worth and sell your unique value to homeowners and investors.

Win more of the builds that fit your ideal project.

Be in control

A good business is a high-performing machine.

Control the gears that drive profit:
Sales | Cash Flow | Variations and adjustments.

Make informed decisions to manage results.

Bulletproof your business

Protect your construction business from the knocks.

Avoid the mistakes others have made. See the big picture for your business and how to get there.

Lead a high performing team

Attract and retain a good gang and lead a team you can rely on.

Be supported by top-notch management crew: estimator, contract admin, site managers.

Freedom to Choose

Work ON your business, not in it.

Put your phone on Do Not Disturb.

Financial freedom to make choices for your business and yourself.

How does your construction business stack up?

You’ve backed yourself in your construction business. You’ve invested time and effort to set up your systems like BuildXact or BuilderTrend. You reckon you’re on track. But how do you really know if your business is performing as well as it could?

Tenfold business coaches have delivered over 30,000 coaching sessions and we work with some of the best custom home builders and multi-res investment property developers in the business.

Find out how your construction business stacks up – the results may surprise you.

Trusted coach for custom builders and property developers

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Review of Tenfold Business Coaching

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“If you’re a business owner who has been able to create and maintain success and you plan to take the next step, I would definitely recommend Tenfold Business Coaching for your construction business.

They can provide you with all the positives of having a business partner without having to split the profits.”

Ryan McKenzie, Director
RYCON Building Group

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Business Coaching Firm of the Year for growing businesses

Awarded: 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

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Intel and accountability to build profitability in your construction business

Managing what matters to deliver strong margins.


You wouldn’t make guesses with site preparation for a new build, so don’t make guesses in your business.

Our business coaches identify the right intel to make informed decisions for your construction business:

  • Data Driven: Builder-specific reports to track and manage COGS and stage payments so you know profit margins and can predict cashflow accurately
  • Best Practices: Learn from best in breed to drive efficiency at every stage, from site prep, undergrounds, framing, lock-up, fix and completion, to handover.
  • Big Picture: Realistic plans to forecast growth potential using building approvals and economic indicators. Grow your business with confidence

Take the guesswork out of your construction business. When you know better, you do better.


Business coaching builds real results for Costas Constructions

Next level coaching for multi-res and dual occ construction businesses.

Hear how Costas Constructions used advice from their Tenfold business coach to get more out of their established property development business.

  • More responsibility and productivity from their team
  • More time away from the day to day running of the business
  • More options for the big picture for their business

Speak with a growth expert at Tenfold Business Coaching today and explore what’s possible for your business.

Expert business advice specific to your construction business.

Because not all building and construction businesses are the same.

Costas Construction build

We know that not all construction businesses are the same. Since 2002, we have been the partner in business coaching for builders and construction business for multi-res construction specialists, custom home builders, renovation experts and volume builders.

That experience means we know the challenges of running profitable business in construction, where margins are tight and payments are lumpy.

While the types of builds differ, there are fundamentals that underpin a successful project that delivers profit after the keys have been handed over.

Ensuring that each stage of the project schedule is making profit is key to the long term success of a building business.

When you work with a Tenfold Business Coach, you get a customised Construction Profit Focus tool so you can see AND control your profit across multiple projects.

Practical advice and actions for domestic builders and developers

You know how to build; we know how to grow.

We’re business coaches for builders and developers who are running “grown up” businesses. You don’t need someone to teach you how to read plans or how to schedule your trades. If you do need that kind of help, please don’t take this the wrong way but we’re not the business coaching firm for you.

That’s what you get from Tenfold. We tell it like it is because we know that owners of building and construction businesses didn’t come here to poke spiders.

We’ve earned our reputation as trusted advisors.

Our experienced coaches, including Ash Thomson (Coaching Hall Of Fame 2021), provide practical advice to help builders maximise the value of their projects. Having worked with the construction industry for over 20 years, we’ve earned a reputation for providing strategies that deliver results.

If you’re a domestic builder and you want better clarity on where you stand financially and want to get greater margins on your jobs, talk to us at Tenfold Business Coaching.

Discover what’s possible with
Tenfold Business Coaching

See the bigger picture with business coaching for your
domestic building and construction business.

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