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Since 2002, Tenfold has been the business coach partner to leading electrical contractors like Prolux Electrical.

Our experience coaching commercial electrical maintenance contractors means that we know how to get ahead in this highly competitive industry.

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Business coaching and advice for the best version of your electrical contracting business

Know your numbers

Be confident that you’re making money on projects and scheduled work.

Know how your electrical contracting business is performing at all times.

Get ahead of the pack

Stand out from your competitors, be the preferred supplier for facility managers.

Secure your place in a profitable niche, choose the clients and jobs you want.

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Control the profit gears in your electrical contracting business:

Sales | COGS | Cash Flow | Materials margins and labour utilisation

Bulletproof your business

Protect your electrical contracting business from the knocks.

See the big picture for your business.

Lead a high performing team

Attract and retain the best A-grade electricians, project managers and technicians in the market.

Lead a team you can rely on.

Freedom to choose

Work ON your business, not in it.

Financial freedom to make the choices for your business and yourself.

How does your electrical contracting business stack up?

Electrical Contractor Health Check

You might think your electrical contracting business is going well. And maybe it is. If you’re tracking labour utilisation and making 1% improvements on every job, then you’re already ahead of the majority of electrical contractors.

But how do you really know if your business is performing as well as it could?

Tenfold business coaches work with some of the best electrical contractors in the industry. They didn’t get to the front of the pack through luck. Learn what the best in breed are doing to get ahead and stay ahead.

Find out how your electrical contracting business stacks up – the results may surprise you.

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Review of Tenfold Business Coaching

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“I’ve been in business for a long time now and having a dedicated business coach keeps me on track and motivated.

My Tenfold business coach is my go-to for strategies to keep me ahead of the competition.”

Brian Emberson, Director
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Meet the Tenfold team, awarded Australian Business Coaching Firm of the Year x6

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Intel and accountability to advance your Electrical Contracting business

Know what you need to know to plan with confidence.


You wouldn’t make a guess about switchboard capacity or wing it on a commercial maintenance job, so don’t make guesses in your electrical contracting business.

Our business coaches identify the right intel for your electrical contracting business to make informed decisions.

And we’ll keep you accountable to get the results your business deserves.

  • Data Driven: Know the key drivers of your business and be in control
  • Best Practices: Learn from best in breed to level up your business

  • Big Picture: Realistic plans for growing your business and achieving real results

Take the guesswork out of your business.


Advice for electrical contractors on the pros and cons of working for commercial builders

Manage the risks to make good margins.

At some point all trade-based businesses consider doing a project for a commercial builder. Winning the tender for a project can book you up with work for months, giving you the confidence to expand your team and grow your business. While these projects can appear appealing, they can also be a trap for inexperienced electrical contractors.

Legal Rights
Be careful with the contract you sign with the builder. Often these commercial construction contracts are one sided, favouring the builder. The clauses they contain may eliminate all control you have over the project, rendering you a labour hire business but one that carries all the risk. As a business coaching firm, we have seen clients’ contracts that specify that the sub-contractor may be instructed to complete variations without approval. If the variations are later challenged by the client, that would mean the sub-contractor wears the cost. If the sub-contractor doesn’t complete the variations before approval, they could be found to be in breach of contract. Sound fair? Nah, it’s not. That’s why you need to be careful with commercial contracts.

Be careful of the time it takes to receive your payments on these contracts. With such large sums of money involved, a two week delay can cause catastrophic issues in your business, especially when you still need to pay any specialist contractors you have engaged. They often also include a retention amount of around 5% of the total project cost. When you work on thin margins, as many sub-contractors do with these contracts, the value of the retention could be your whole profit for the project.

The commercial builder typically controls the project timeframes. Some builders are good operators and have experienced Site Managers running the job on-site. But we some of the businesses we coach have reported of Site Managers being out of their depth. The subcontractors often don’t get accurate and reliable schedules. Often in these cases the builder can ring up at the last minute and demand you throw all of your labour on the project for a sustained period of time, even work weekends and overtime. If you can’t do it or won’t do it, they may have the right to engage another sub-contractor at YOUR expense.

Commercial building projects can be profitable, but be very aware and manage your risks as best you can. Select good reputable builders to work with and keep track of your profitability at all times.

When you know better, you do better.

Coaching for electricians keeps you up to date

Looking ahead to keep you in front.


Changes in economic conditions affect every business. However the scale of impact varies depending on how prepared you are. At Tenfold, we coach businesses to protect the downside and be ready to take advantage of the upside.

Labour supply is critical for electrical contracting businesses, whether the electrician specialises in commercial maintenance, construction or the domestic market. To keep our finger on the pulse, we actively monitor the demand for A-grades, service managers, electrical apprentices and switchboard technicians.

We’re the only coaching firm that provides these insights to our electrical contracting clients. It’s why we’re the preferred coaching partner to businesses serving the trades sector.

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