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Testimonial from Ryan McKenzie – Rycon Building Group

I am the sole director of a small, high end, custom design residential building business.  I have been working with Tenfold Business Coaching for since May 2016.

I started Rycon from scratch in 2006 and learnt how to run the business on my own.  As owner/director, I have always been solely responsible for the growth and success of Rycon. 

I built a good business, a great team and I had all the numbers in my business. In the early days of my business, it was exciting – when you’re young and ambitious nothing stands in your way. Then as the business grew I found I was spending hours analysing the financials to try to make the right decisions and it was draining me. I had all the data in my business but what I didn’t have was a good handle on the key triggers to pick trends. Without that, growing the business was like trying to accelerate with my foot on the brake.

I wanted to be able to make important business decisions faster and easier.  I had looked into coaching previously but I found that a lot of the coaching firms offered a “one size fits all” approach and that I was just a number. Then I met with Tenfold Business Coaching and from my first meeting with Ashley I was confident that he was going to help me take my business to the next level.

I should point out however, that the initial transition from running the business on my own to having a business coach was in no way an easy one.  There were times in the early stages of working with my coach that I was up in the air about whether I was going to continue coaching.  Looking back on these moments, I can see now that I was not being as open to the coaching experience as I could have been – I was holding back from allowing my coach be part of achieving the success that I was after.

My Tenfold Business Coach, Ashley, gained my trust with his experience and knowledge of the building industry.  Once I had clarity in my own mind about what I specifically wanted out of coaching, and once Ashley and I got to know each other and how we each work, we made great progress.

With new home builds, builders pay out a lot up front and get paid in instalments over long periods. As a builder, it can be hard to know exactly when you’re in front or behind financially. My Tenfold coach, Ashley, has helped me dissect my information and given me tools to cut through the noise of too much financial data. He has helped me implement the corporate dashboard that I wanted to give me insight and help me make informed decisions in my business quickly and confidently. 

There’s never a point in my business now when I don’t know where we’re sitting. The confidence I now have in understanding the financials 100% gives me confidence and clarity to grow my business the way I want to.

We have also worked on our internal staff structure.  I have been able to bounce a lot off my Tenfold coach and receive affirmation on a lot of the plans that I had been hesitant to implement.  He has also been instrumental in assisting with internal processes and systems for my staff.

Ashley is a straight shooter who has a thorough understanding of my business and the industry I work in.  If you’re a business owner who has been able to create and maintain success and plan to take the next step, I would definitely recommend Tenfold Business Coaching.  They can provide you with all the positives of having a business partner without having to split the profits or deal with the politics that may come along with a partnership.  You are essentially getting a Business Manager for a third of the price.

To learn more about Rycon Building Group visit their website at www.ryconbg.com.au.

Ryan McKenzie (R) has business coach Ashley Thomson on his side.