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Testimonial from Anthony Green – Tiger Tribe

Tiger Tribe is a children’s toy and activities wholesaler that I co-founded with my wife, Naomi, in 2007. We distribute nationally to over 800 retailers across Australia and we also export globally to over 30 countries. I lead the sales and marketing division of the business; it’s an integral role especially as we continue to grow the business.

The leader my business needs

I decided to take on business coaching in 2017 because I recognised that I needed to improve my time management and organisational skills. I also wanted to be a stronger leader for my team and I was looking for specific support to develop that skill.

I was very clear on what I wanted out of mentoring. When I spoke with Tenfold, I could see that the coaching program would be tailored to my specific requirements.

Coaching gets results

Over the last 12 months of coaching with Tenfold, I have become a lot more aware of my management style. In the past, I would have avoided or procrastinated; now I have become a lot more proactive. I’ve also learned how to be more planned and structured in my approach to goals; as a result of this I am a stronger leader.

During my time with my Tenfold coach, Mace, we also focused on sharpening my organisational skills to be more effective in my people leadership. The greatest benefit of this has been for my team. They are now much clearer on their roles and what they need to manage. My Tenfold coach taught me strategies to manage sales activities and priorities, which I have been able to roll out to the team. This leads to creating a more positive workplace for everyone as it gives everyone direction and makes them more productive.

As a coach, Mace brought a mix of very useful business coaching with his accounting and business management background. He also brought an encouraging and insightful level of support on a very individual level. Together we worked on how to make best use of my strengths and to offset areas where I wasn’t as strong.

Positioned for strategic growth

Going forward, I feel like the business is in a good position for strategic growth. We plan to embrace more technology and become even more efficient as we expand sales through our distributor network and our online channel.

Working with Mace and Tenfold Business Coaching has well and truly been what I expected from a business mentor and has been a very rewarding experience.


Mace Rushgrove is part of the award-winning team at Tenfold Business Coaching. A certified CPA, Mace has commercial financial accounting experience across a variety of industries. His particular expertise is his strong ability to work closely with people to set, align and achieve their goals.

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Tenfold Business coach, Mace Rushgrove (L), with client Anthony Green (R), co-owner of Tiger Tribe