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Testimonial from Narelle Wyrsch – Burwood Plumbing

We are a family-owned domestic plumbing, service and supply business, based in Burwood. My father, Tom, built the business from scratch in 1973 and ran it until he passed away. For the last 4 years, my mother, Lorraine and I have been running the business.  Both Mum and I had found that we had hit a point in our journey where we had lost direction with the business and were very unsure of what our next steps should be.
We had tentatively made a decision to sell the business but had no idea what to do or where to start. We had exhausted our own network of family and friends for advice about whether selling was even an option.  It was really important to us to make sure we were honouring Dad’s years of hard work within the business.
We were very open to outside ideas and perspectives but felt we were struggling in the planning and execution of any ideas that other people had suggested.
We then decided to meet with a Tenfold Business Coach to help us with a plan to sell the business and also to direct and assist us the whole way through the process.
From our initial meeting, both Mum and I felt very comfortable and confident with our Tenfold Business Coach, Mace.  We had faith that he understood where we were coming from and what we ideally wanted to achieve.

Our Tenfold Business Coach was extremely instrumental in the sale of our business.

He was actively involved in everything from increasing the value of the business to achieve a good sale price to even acting on our behalf through the majority of the negotiations of sale. 

Over a 9 month period, Mace implemented marketing strategies that resulted in successful selling of materials and equipment from our supply store.
I have to say, that aside from achieving our initial goal of selling the business by July 2017, Mace’s genuine support, understanding and empathy during what was such a difficult and sentimental time, was priceless.  We could not have done it without the support of Tenfold.
We will be forever grateful.
Burwood Plumbing was successfully sold to Gallant Plumbing, a leading plumbing firm in Melbourne.


Mace Rushgrove is part of the award-winning team at Tenfold Business Coaching. A certified CPA, Mace has commercial financial accounting experience across a variety of industries. His particular expertise is his strong ability to work closely with people to set, align and achieve their goals.

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