Real reviews about Tenfold coaching from business owners.

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Ask anyone about us and they’ll tell you it’s not in our nature to brag. Sure, we’re pleased with what we’ve achieved but our biggest source of pride is the results we help our business coaching clients achieve.

So we ask that when you read the testimonials here, please focus on their results and the pride they have in their business. And if that sounds like something you want too, well, we’d be proud to be on your side as your business coach.

Testimonial from James McHugh
Blue Flame IT

We’ve been working with Arjen for about 8 months. We’re a small business that helps facilitate and maintain other business’ IT infrastructure and environment. Our clients have anything from 5 – 100 computers, and we can supply, install and maintain equipment. The whole idea is that we keep our clients’ businesses going. We’re the IT department when they don’t want an IT department.

We’ve had a number of business coaches over the lifetime of our business. We had a couple of meetings with Arjen before we engaged him, and I felt we connected. I enjoyed his style and the questions he asked of me, that I couldn’t answer – questions none of my coaches had me asked before. They were the important questions – they hit to the source. I was pretty happy to find and engage Arjen.

I started business coaching years ago when I realised that I was out of my depth and that I needed someone to guide me as I transitioned from being a technician to being a business owner. I realised I’d made myself a job, and I didn’t want to have a job. I wasn’t well matched with my last business coach, which was why I engaged Arjen.

The biggest benefit of working with Arjen has been gaining a better of understanding my financials; knowing what’s going on in my business from a financial perspective. I also appreciate his knowledge of not just the now but the future, in ten years. Knowing that there’s a greater plan we’ve agreed on, that he’s always got top of mind.

It’s motivating to understand the financials. More than anything it’s made me see what the business is capable of.

The coaching has definitely had an impact on the bottom line, especially the billable hours. Now I know what I need to achieve, I’m not just achieving a random job or a random figure. It’s not just about doing the work, it’s knowing why and what I’m trying to do and how many hours I need to do that with.

We still have the same plans we always did, but now we can see more clearly how we can get there. It’s building the bridges to get to that destination. Before, there was no bridge, there was just a dream.

Being in business for as long as we’ve been, you can lose your way in the day to day. This has been great for us, to find Arjen, who we felt that we connected with. We found him to have sound experience and knowledge in all aspects of business. We just enjoy having him as a mentor to keep us on track.

Of all of the coaches we’ve had, each one has served a purpose, and then I’ve moved on, and the next one has served another purpose and I’ve moved on again. Finding Arjen at this time is perfect for what I need now, and I can see that he has a depth of knowledge that I probably won’t need to change business coaches again. He’s the sort of person who I would be able to take with me on the journey, rather than find someone else who can take me to the next level again. I think we’ve stumbled across the mentor that we need in the business, period.

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