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Testimonial from Jasmin Meaker – Skylark Sports

I own and operate Skylark Sports, a member-based sporting club dedicated to gymnastics and child development.
I started the business in 2007 with the goal of empowering kids to develop through gymnastics. I built the business up to the point where, in 2013, we needed to move into our own facility. That turning point changed the outlook and direction of Skylark Sports. I knew the business had a lot of potential so when someone recommended business coaching, I was very keen to explore how it could help me speed up the process and save me time in finding out what I don’t know.
I met with a couple of coaches and some suggested group coaching, but I knew that I needed a program very specific to my business and my own personal goals.  When I contacted Tenfold I immediately knew there was something very different from the other coaches I had met with. Initially, I spoke with Tania, Tenfold’s Practice Manager, and I was impressed with my consultation with her. She was very professional and took the time to understand my business.  Tania recommended I meet with one of Tenfold’s coaches, Arjen, who was also very respectful and attentive to making sure he had a good understanding as to where I was up to in my professional and personal journey.
It has been two years now since I started working with Tenfold and my business has experienced significant growth.  Our membership base has increased from 497 to 700 and the rate is accelerating.  The bottom line was never a major driver for me, however, now that I have a good handle on the numbers in the business, our net profit has increased by 216% in two years.  This has allowed for a facility renovation, newly designed programs and significant investment in staff and personal development.
I would say the systemisation that Arjen and I have worked on has had the biggest impact to the business growth.  It has changed the way both my team and I look at the business.
Funnily enough, our sales and turnover have increased but the workload and hours I spend have decreased.  The systems my Tenfold coach helped me put in place has had a major contribution to our success. It means that the business continues to operate smoothly whether I am there or not.  This has allowed me to enjoy a real work/life balance, which is so important to me as it allows me to be able spend time with my son.
I have learnt a lot personally from Arjen, and that has helped me to be a much stronger leader.  I had never imagined not being a hands-on gymnastics coach but I now enjoy the experience of running the business so much that I am happy to allow another team member to take over that part of my role.
I can see that I will continue to learn from my Tenfold business coach and utilise his knowledge and experience to tackle future goals as I keep growing my business.
Learn more about my business by visiting www.skylarksports.com.au

Jasmin Meaker with her Tenfold Coach Arjen van den Broek