Business Insights – 8th June 2021 – Vic employment grants

In this update for business owners on 8th June, I provide insight on a new and lucrative Victorian employment grant. We’ve been watching a grant that was announced in the Victorian state budget in November last year. Some information about the grant was released several months ago, but more clarification has been provided in recent weeks. […]

Business Insights – 4th June 2021 – financial support for Victorians

I’m here 4th  June 2021 with an update on government financial support for some Victorian businesses and employees. Victorian government grants for business Some Victorian businesses will get a pleasant surprise this Friday afternoon. Victorian Tenfold clients that operate in industry sectors targeted for support are now available to apply for funding. The Vic government’s Business […]

Business Insights – 2nd June 2021 – Victorian lockdown extended

I’m here with an update on the Victorian circuit breaker lockdown on 2nd June 2021. As you would know by now, the Victorian circuit breaker lockdown has been extended for at least another 7 days. While this was somewhat expected, the additional 7 days of restrictions will mean we may need to implement some of […]

Business Insights – 1st June 2021 – Victorian lockdown

I’m here with an update on the Victorian lockdown on 1st June 2021. I know we’re all avidly watching the numbers and trying to predict what will happen next. From the reports and comments we’re getting from Victorian authorities, I think we should expect that it’s highly likely that this Vic lockdown will be extended. […]

Business Insights – 31st May 2021 – Update on Victorian restrictions

I’m here on Monday 31st May with an update on the circuit breaker lockdown in Victoria. Government financial support for Victorian businesses We heard from the Victorian government that financial support will be available for some Victorian businesses. As we were expecting, the funding package will be limited to businesses in hospitality, entertainment and non-essential […]

Business Insights – 27th May 2021 – Victoria circuit breaker lockdown

I’m here with an update for Victorian businesses on 27th May 2021. Victoria will be entering a 7-day circuit breaker lockdown today at 11:59pm until Thursday, 3 June at 11:59pm They key question I know Victorian business owners are asking is: “Can my team attend work (onsite/in the office) tomorrow?” On balance, these restrictions are not as onerous as the restrictions we […]

Business Insights – 25 May 2021 – Victorian restrictions for Greater Melbourne

I’m here with an update for Australian businesses on 25th May 2021. This has just been announced at a Victorian state government press conference.  Based on the four COVID-19 cases yesterday and another one today we are moving back to a level of restrictions.  The government has announced that Greater Melbourne will have the following restrictions from […]

Business Insights – Evidence of Recruitment Challenges in Australian Markets in 2021-2022

I’m here with insights for Australian businesses on 20 May 2021. I wrote about recruitment in February (see here for the business insights briefing on 24 Feb 2021), and I’m revisiting it again today because the message is so important for all Tenfold clients and Australian small businesses and medium size businesses, particularly those who […]

Business Insights – What the Federal Budget 2021-22 means for Australian businesses

I’m here with insights on the Federal Budget 2021-22 for Australian businesses on 14 May 2021. This week, the federal budget was handed down. In this brief, I’ll highlight key aspects of the budget that relate to your business and what it means for you: Instant Asset Write Off Training Building Infrastructure Financial Support for […]

Business Insights – 29 April 2021 – Two Speed Labour Market | Update on govt funding

I’m here with insights for Australian businesses on 29 April 2021. In today’s briefing for Tenfold clients and Australian business owners, I’m talking about the two-speed labour market and one of the approaches we’re using to give Tenfold clients the leading edge. I also have a short update on Government funding.   Australia’s Tight Labour […]