small business marketing tools
Business marketing essentials: 7 of the most effective marketing tools for your business

It can be tempting, as a small business owner, to pop marketing on your ‘to do’ list and just never get around to it. If it isn’t your ‘zone of genius’, then marketing can feel too hard, or too time consuming. Indeed, non-core business activities can often seem like they’re robbing you of time you […]

business coaching: bridging the gap between learning and doing
Mind the gap: how business owners can bridge the divide between learning and doing

Do you have a qualification related to running your business? While plenty of business owners have certifications, qualifications and/or extensive experience in what their business offers (eg an apprenticeship in a trade), hardly any have any formal training in how to deliver it (eg a business degree). Business owners are do-ers… When they inevitably come […]

Negotiating is a business skill
Negotiation: the non-negotiable business skill

For many of us, the word ‘negotiation’ conjures up images of fat cats in pin-striped suits, smoking cigars and shaking hands on shady deals. No one wants to be that guy. Thing is, we negotiate our way through almost every day of our lives. Ever made dinner plans with friends? Convinced the kids to shut […]

employee vs contractor - can you spot the difference?
Employee vs contractor: are you 100% certain you know the difference?

On paper, the line between employee and contractor seems very clear. An employee works for your business as a part of your business. As their employer, you are responsible for paying their taxes and superannuation, as well as providing paid leave and other entitlements. A contractor, on the other hand, supplies services to your business […]

the decoy effect
Three blenders: how the ‘decoy effect’ increases sales

Last week my blender broke. Since green smoothies and protein shakes have become a big thing in my house, it’s become an appliance that gets a bit of a workout, so we had to replace it. Stat. As I stood at the register, ready to open my wallet, I realised that I had just been […]

3% Award wage increase
What the 3% increase to minimum wage means for Australian business owners

Workers and business owners alike held their breath during the last week of May as they waited for news on the Fair Work Commission’s (FWC) annual wage review. With the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) calling for a 6% rise and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) arguing to keep the increase […]

signs your employee might quit
7 signs that your employee might be planning to quit (and how to win them back)

Our last two blogs have covered how to end the employment relationship when it’s a definite case of ‘it’s not me… it’s you’. But what happens when it’s one of your star team members that wants to break up with your business? How will you know? And what can you do to stop them walking […]

Firing right in your small business
Straighten up and fire right: A step-by-step of employee dismissal in your small business

Do you have a clear roadmap to follow for termination of employment in your business? Look, staff dismissal is not something you’ll ever truly get used to but it’s a skill that you must build in order to keep your business productive and legally protected. If you don’t have a clear process in place for […]

Celebrating success at the 2019 Business Excellence Forum & Awards

The Tenfold team recently attended the 2019 Business Excellence Forum and Awards (BEFA) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and came away with heavier luggage thanks to the awards we won. For the third consecutive year, we won the highly contested award for Coaching Firm of the Year. And on top of that our business […]

To fire or not to fire?
8 sanity checks to get you ‘off the fence’ about employee dismissal

There’s one task that fills small business owners and managers with dread more than any other: firing staff. It’s the toughest of the tough conversations; a humiliating and upsetting experience for your employee and one that forces you squarely out of your comfort zone. No surprise, then, that many business owners ‘solve’ the issue by […]