Cost benefit analysis help you weight up the option
Using cost benefit analysis to make solid investment decisions for your business

The adage is true: you must spend money to make money. It’s a red-letter day when your business is profitable enough that you can start investing in its growth. But in my time as a business coach I have seen many business owners struggle to work out the best way to invest this resource; often […]

should you buy a company car for your business
Offering your team a company car: is it the right decision for your business?

As a business coach, I am seeing increasing numbers of business owners grappling with whether not to offer their team the use of a company car. There are a few reasons you might consider offering access to a work vehicle to an employee, including: It can help them do their job more effectively – especially […]

Take control of SEO management
Managing your SEO like a Pro: how taking the wheel protects your investment

As a business coach, whenever I discuss outsourcing search engine optimisation (SEO) with my clients, I always find myself equating it with sending your car off to the mechanic; you may be left wondering “did they really do anything?”. (At least with your mechanic, you’ll know the problem’s fixed when that mysterious banging noise stops!) […]

Security of Payments Act for small business
Claim with confidence: resolving payment disputes under the Security of Payment Act

As a business coach I have seen one challenge come up more frequently than any other for our coaching clients working in the building and construction industry: dealing with payment disputes. Late or unpaid invoices cause more than just headaches for those running a business. Payment disputes have a significant negative impact on a business […]

Case studies for B2B marketing
7 steps for creating case studies that actually convert

The latest topic in our Business Marketing Essentials series is case studies. “Is your service/product/business worth my time and money?”   That’s the risk that stops people from buying from you. And case studies are like a virtual reality answer. Telling a story about a customer’s problem and the solutions you provided gives people a way […]

Google Ads for small business
Get more from your Google Ads

Many of our coaching clients have driven traffic to their website by implementing search engine optimisation (SEO) and content marketing strategies. But, there’s no way around it – SEO is a long-game strategy with no guarantees. What’s more, achieving (and maintaining) a first page ranking for a the most relevant (and therefore popular) keywords can […]

Tenfold coaching Google My Business
Google My Business: claiming and managing your most important digital storefront in 2019

We always advise our coaching clients that if there’s one thing they must understand about Google it is this: Google’s main focus (their ‘why’) is to help their users find exactly what they are searching for. In fact, they want to be so helpful to their users that no other search engine can compete. So […]