Can I quote you on that? The Tenfold guide to quoting for your small business

Without a plan in place, quoting for a job can feel like playing ‘Marco Polo’. You have a price in mind. The customer has a price in mind. As the business owner, you are left stumbling around blindly searching for a number that keeps everyone happy. Your only measure for success in this scenario? Whether […]

Following in their footsteps: Stepping up to lead your family’s business

Last time we looked at succession planning within a family business from the founder’s perspective. But what about the next generation – the successors? Members of the ‘Leadership 2.0 Club’ know all too well that they’ve got some size 13 shoes to fill. It’s only with clear communication, proper planning, adequate preparation and continued support […]

Beginning with the end in mind: succession planning for your family business

According to Family Business Australia (FBA), family businesses account for 70% of businesses in this country. This means that for 1.4 million business owners, the work they do is far more than ‘just a job’. A family business is often viewed as a legacy, not only in terms of financial security but also a venture […]

Help! I need somebody: how a virtual assistant could help you scale your business (and keep your sanity)

Remember those 1,971 working hours you had ‘in the bank’ at the start of 2019… Hands up if you’ve maximised every moment of your time and still calculate that you’ve signed up for more hours working in your business than you have available? (And NO, sleep is not optional!) It’s a good sign if your […]

6 wrong turns your business heroes made (so you don’t have to)

Even the most famous and successful of our business heroes bomb out sometimes. Sōichirō Honda went as far as to say that “success is 99% failure”. The wins of the following entrepreneurs are legendary. Luckily (for you) their mistakes were just as public. Our Tenfold coaches mentor small business owners to reverse engineer the failures […]

KonMari Your Business: how ‘less’ can serve your business more

Australia has gone mad for Marie Kondo. Thanks to a Netflix series and four books, this organising guru has achieved the ultimate in marketing milestones – her brand has become a verb. KonMari (Con-mah-ree), verb. To radically and systematically declutter and organise everything you own using the KonMari method. I was a bit sceptical, at […]

10 strategies to recession-proof your business

An Australian Recession: not a matter of if, but when (and how bad?)  The world’s financial experts have been banging the (dol)drums louder and louder, warning of a US recession by 2020. And Australian economists* predict that we could see that downturn here a little earlier. We’ve enjoyed almost 30 years of continuous growth in this […]

Honestly, it’s the best policy: essential workplace policies for small businesses

Small business is a big player when it comes to employment in Australia; 95% of businesses in this country are classified as ‘small’ and some 4.8 million workers are employed by such an establishment. This all adds up to a lot of responsibility. Between workplace health and safety, bullying, technology usage and data security there […]

Sorry, did you mean to say, ‘thank you’? Three reasons why gratitude is mightier than an apology

Very few of us seem to find the right balance when it comes to apologising. Occasionally I’m faced with a small business owner for whom summoning an apology is like coaxing the last bit of Heinz Big Red out of the sauce bottle (much to the detriment of their customer relationships). Far more common, however, […]

7 hot tips to get more out of less time

There’s a number I want you to focus on for a moment. 1971. One thousand, nine-hundred and seventy-one… Assuming a 9-hour work day (as well as deducting public holidays, weekends, personal days etc) that’s how many hours you have available to invest in your small business this year. Just let that sink in for a […]