Straighten up and fire right: A step-by-step of employee dismissal in your small business

Do you have a clear roadmap to follow for termination of employment in your business? Look, staff dismissal is not something you’ll ever truly get used to but it’s a skill that you must build in order to keep your business productive and legally protected. If you don’t have a clear process in place for […]

Celebrating success at the 2019 Business Excellence Forum & Awards

The Tenfold team recently attended the 2019 Business Excellence Forum and Awards (BEFA) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and came away with heavier luggage thanks to the awards we won. For the third consecutive year, we won the highly contested award for Coaching Firm of the Year. And on top of that our business […]

8 sanity checks to get you ‘off the fence’ about employee dismissal

There’s one task that fills small business owners and managers with dread more than any other: firing staff. It’s the toughest of the tough conversations; a humiliating and upsetting experience for your employee and one that forces you squarely out of your comfort zone. No surprise, then, that many business owners ‘solve’ the issue by […]

The Tenfold Business Coaching guide to tackling tough decisions

The average person makes around 35,000 conscious decisions daily. Cereal, or toast? Black shoes, or brown? Left, or right? Answer the phone, or let it go to voicemail… just thinking about all the sliding doors moments that happen in a single day may have you wishing you could just stay home and watch TV. (Netflix […]

How preparing your business for sale can help unlock its potential

We’ve worked with a number of business coaching clients who came to us seeking guidance on navigating the sale of their small business. A few had received unexpected (and somewhat underwhelming) offers from potential buyers. They realised that they needed guidance on how to improve the ‘kerbside appeal’ of their businesses to attract the best […]

What’s your ‘secret sauce’? Uncovering your business’ USP

What makes you so special? Why should customers choose your business over all the others out there doing the same thing? If trying to answer those questions gets you down, don’t despair just yet. Sure, chances are that your business is just one of many in your local marketplace offering your product or service. And […]

Are you a leader who cracks under pressure? Your team’s success could be at risk

‘A leader is a dealer in hope’   That quote sounds like something straight out of a present-day leadership expert’s keynote speech, right? In fact, it was legendary French statesman and military leader, Napoleon Bonaparte who uttered those words over 200 years ago. As it turns out, he was spot on. Two centuries later, a […]

The age of the flywheel: putting the customer back at the centre of your growth strategy

Last week we reviewed how funnels work to move customers through your sales process. Why? First, because it’s always a good idea to take one last look in the rear-view mirror before driving off into the sunset on a new adventure. (Knowing where you are coming from helps you better understand where you are headed.) […]

Funnels are so 2018… but what were they, again? And why is HubSpot now saying you need a flywheel instead?

It’s official: flywheels are the new funnels. HubSpot says. Don’t worry if you’re only understanding every other word of that statement – you’re not alone. Many marketers have been remarkably slow to fully embrace ‘funnel’ vision. It’s not surprising, therefore, that most business owners still view their content strategy purely as a way to improve SEO […]

There’s a formula for success… but do you have what it takes?

We have something to share with you. It’s nothing, really. Only… THE FORMULA FOR SUCCESS (No need to adjust your screens – you read that right.) Physicist, Albert-László Barabási, has boiled this most elusive of goals down to a formula containing just three terms: S = Qr   Let’s unpack this – because that tiny formula […]