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Team Management

is personality testing a helpful business tool or gimmick
Personality tests: hocus pocus or useful business tool?

In my line of work, I am regularly asked for my opinion on personality testing. Are they accurate/useful/worth the investment? Should all staff (existing and potential) take one? Can they help business owners lead their team more effectively? As a business coach I can see the value of taking someone’s personality into account when putting […]

mental health first aid for business owners
Mental health first aid: why your business needs you to have it covered

Rob*, the owner and director of a facilities management business, was conducting what he thought was a run of the mill performance discussion when he discovered that there was something bigger going on behind team member, Tim’s* recent drop in performance. “I just didn’t see it coming. I didn’t know what to say when he […]

employee vs contractor - can you spot the difference?
Employee vs contractor: are you 100% certain you know the difference?

On paper, the line between employee and contractor seems very clear. An employee works for your business as a part of your business. As their employer, you are responsible for paying their taxes and superannuation, as well as providing paid leave and other entitlements. A contractor, on the other hand, supplies services to your business […]

signs your employee might quit
7 signs that your employee might be planning to quit (and how to win them back)

Our last two blogs have covered how to end the employment relationship when it’s a definite case of ‘it’s not me… it’s you’. But what happens when it’s one of your star team members that wants to break up with your business? How will you know? And what can you do to stop them walking […]

Firing right in your small business
Straighten up and fire right: A step-by-step of employee dismissal in your small business

Do you have a clear roadmap to follow for termination of employment in your business? Look, staff dismissal is not something you’ll ever truly get used to but it’s a skill that you must build in order to keep your business productive and legally protected. If you don’t have a clear process in place for […]

To fire or not to fire?
8 sanity checks to get you ‘off the fence’ about employee dismissal

There’s one task that fills small business owners and managers with dread more than any other: firing staff. It’s the toughest of the tough conversations; a humiliating and upsetting experience for your employee and one that forces you squarely out of your comfort zone. No surprise, then, that many business owners ‘solve’ the issue by […]

Winter is Coming: 7 Steps To Help Keep Your Employees (and Your Business) Healthy

I’m sure that just a few minutes ago it was February. Suddenly we’re halfway through April, and before we know it we’ll be in winter.

As the mercury falls, so can a business’ productivity. Last year, Australia was hit hard with a f…

Managing A World Class Team: Part 4 – What’s Your Motivation?

We’re going to start with question. BUT before we do, make sure you have checked out the other blogs in this series, Unlocking Potential, Recruitment Time (again) and

Managing A World Class Team: Part 3 – Unlocking Potential

If you haven’t figured it out (from our puzzle), we are continuing our series on Managing A World Class Team, by jumping into Key Performance Indicators. To catch up on the previous blogs from the series che…

Managing A World Class Team: Part 1 – Kicking Goals!

In fact, frankly, we’re sick of them.

Not in the traditional sense, of course.

Profits for your business are good. They mean more cash and more success.

But we’re bored with …