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Business pricing strategies to win the work you want

Let’s be honest, the primary objective of sales is to make money for your business. But sales without smart pricing is risky at best, and costly at worst. In my time coaching businesses in industries from wholesale, manufacturing and trades to professional services, I’ve seen it all. As I learned early on in my career, […]

5 ways Strategic Account Management Can Grow Your Business (and how to do it)

For most businesses, the old ‘Pareto Principal’ adage rings true: 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your clients. It also makes sense then to treat the more valuable clients with greater care. Yet far too often, businesses do not have a dedicated process to nurture those key business relationships. As a business […]

Customer retention strategies from a business coach
Baby come back! Encouraging repeat purchasing in your business

While customer acquisition is always an important strategy for business growth, you can’t beat customer retention as the most cost-effective way to raise revenue. Why? In my time as a business coach, I’ve observed that repeat customers: Spend more money with your business Are easier to convert Are cheaper to convert Do some of the […]

the decoy effect
Three blenders: how the ‘decoy effect’ increases sales

Last week my blender broke. Since protein smoothies have become a big thing in my house, it’s become an appliance that gets a bit of a workout, so we had to replace it. Stat. As I stood at the register, I realised that I had just been ‘Goldilocks-ed’. Yep, in under five minutes I had […]

Fire right in your small business
Funnels are so 2018… but what were they, again? And why is HubSpot now saying you need a flywheel instead?

It’s official: flywheels are the new funnels. HubSpot says. Don’t worry if you’re only understanding every other word of that statement – you’re not alone. Many marketers have been remarkably slow to fully embrace ‘funnel’ vision. It’s not surprising, therefore, that most business owners still view their content strategy purely as a way to improve SEO […]

The secret to increasing sales in your small business (here’s a clue – it’s not ‘selling’!)

When I talk about selling with some of my business coaching clients, I can almost see their skin crawl. They do NOT want to sell. Nope, no way, nada. But the fact is that no successful business has achieved great results without selling. So …

4 Need-To-Know Hints for Success in Sales

For some, the thought of customer service and sales can feel very daunting. Sometimes it comes from a fear of being judged or rejection and other times you may just not feel qualified.

Throughout my two years at SEEK Learning, my e…

3 Winning Factors for a Grand Final-worthy Sales Team

As the 2015 AFL season comes to an end, the two spots in the Grand Final will be hotly contested (sadly not by the Mighty Tiges this year *sniff*). But what about those teams that haven’t achieved the best results this year?