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Business Advice

Business Insights – Jobs Victoria Fund reminder: new employees can be eligible for $10,000+ grants

This insights briefing has information specifically for Victorian employers as it relates to the Jobs Victoria Fund. For our NSW and Queensland clients, we’ve looked into the state government funding options but they’re not as relevant or lucrative for smaller businesses: NSW jobs funding is aimed at attracting bigger businesses to relocate from interstate and […]

Business Insights – Why business owners should be focusing on investing NOW

Today I want to bring you some insights on investing in your business, as well as other passive investments and the Australian property market in particular. Before I start, let me point out that Tenfold business coaches certainly aren’t financial planners and so we can’t give financial advice. However, we are committed to ensuring you […]

Business Insights – Prepare your business now for huge labour shortages in 2022

I know many business owners are considering what will happen over the next few weeks with the lockdowns. However, today I’m looking ahead to 2022 and I want to give you insight into what we’ll experience over the coming 12 months. In this briefing for Australian business owners: Forces impacting the Australian labour market What’s […]

Business Insights – The labour problem explained and the action you need to take now

As business coaches, the Tenfold team sits across all our clients’ businesses and also have contact with many other small businesses outside the Tenfold community. Every day, we’re hearing stories of employees resigning. Some are leaving for other offers, while others have become fatigued with COVID-19 lockdowns imposed on their industry. Many of these employees […]

Google’s core algorithm updates and how they affect your business website ranking

In 2002, business directories in Australia such as the Yellow Pages turned over about $800M. That was a massive chunk of Telstra’s bottom line at the time and about 10% of an estimated $8.9b Australian ad market. They even inspired a crude form of search optimisation: start your business name with an A or even […]

Seth Godin on people who benefit the most from coaching

Seth Godin is globally recognised as one of the best known marketing thought leaders. Seth has a long running blog in which he has published daily posts for over 10 years. In his blog, he has often written about the virtues of having a coach, and he recently wrote a post about business coaches in […]

Business pricing strategies to win the work you want

Let’s be honest, the primary objective of sales is to make money for your business. But sales without smart pricing is risky at best, and costly at worst. In my time coaching businesses in industries from wholesale, manufacturing and trades to professional services, I’ve seen it all. As I learned early on in my career, […]

Business Insights – Evidence of Recruitment Challenges in Australian Markets in 2021-2022

I’m here with insights for Australian businesses on 20 May 2021. I wrote about recruitment in February (see here for the business insights briefing on 24 Feb 2021), and I’m revisiting it again today because the message is so important for all Tenfold clients and Australian small businesses and medium size businesses, particularly those who […]

Business Insights – 10 March 2021 – Putting capital risk in perspective

I’m here with insights for Australian businesses on 10 March 2021, and I’ll provide a view on different capital risks that business owners often have to weigh up. Also in this briefing is an update on the flow of credit for investing in business and personal wealth strategies. Growing your business: Putting capital risk into […]

A Business Coach Explains 4 Australian Business Taxes

As a business owner, you know there are many moving parts of your business finances that you need to have a good handle on. If you don’t really understand all of the different taxes you pay, you’re not alone; many business owners don’t know. It’s very common that a business owner will receive a statement […]