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Business Insights – Jobs Victoria Fund reminder: new employees can be eligible for $10,000+ grants

This insights briefing has information specifically for Victorian employers as it relates to the Jobs Victoria Fund. For our NSW and Queensland clients, we’ve looked into the state government funding options but they’re not as relevant or lucrative for smaller businesses: NSW jobs funding is aimed at attracting bigger businesses to relocate from interstate and […]

Business Insights – Prepare your business now for huge labour shortages in 2022

I know many business owners are considering what will happen over the next few weeks with the lockdowns. However, today I’m looking ahead to 2022 and I want to give you insight into what we’ll experience over the coming 12 months. In this briefing for Australian business owners: Forces impacting the Australian labour market What’s […]

Business Insights – The labour problem explained and the action you need to take now

As business coaches, the Tenfold team sits across all our clients’ businesses and also have contact with many other small businesses outside the Tenfold community. Every day, we’re hearing stories of employees resigning. Some are leaving for other offers, while others have become fatigued with COVID-19 lockdowns imposed on their industry. Many of these employees […]

Business Insights – Evidence of Recruitment Challenges in Australian Markets in 2021-2022

I’m here with insights for Australian businesses on 20 May 2021. I wrote about recruitment in February (see here for the business insights briefing on 24 Feb 2021), and I’m revisiting it again today because the message is so important for all Tenfold clients and Australian small businesses and medium size businesses, particularly those who […]

Managing A World Class Team: Part 2 – Recruitment Time (again)

It’s team talking time.

And even though we’ve done this post before, we’re going to touch on a little topic we’ve covered in the past.

Job Descriptions. (Are you up to speed with the World Class Team series? Read Part One…

Recruitment series – Part 7: Trial day

The best businesses are built by the right people, which is why we love rolling up our sleeves and helping our business coaching clients with their recruitment. We’ve covered a lot of information in our previous posts:

Recruitment series – Part 6: Reference checks

The best businesses are built by the right people, which is why we love rolling up our sleeves and helping our business coaching clients with their recruitment. (Previously in the Recruitment Series:

Recruitment series – Part 5: Face to face interview

I’m sure at one point or another in our lives we’ve all taken a good, hard look at a piece of our own writing and said ‘gee, I’d make a good writer’.

Ok, maybe not.

But the next step is going to channel that belief (even if …

Recruitment series – Part 4: Telephone screening

Our continued focus on coaching advice to get the best people for your business has lead us on a journey that has featured our thoughts. (Previously in the Recruitment Series: Part 1: Job Descriptions

Recruitment series – Part 3: The screening process

Now comes the interesting part.

Screening resumes.

We’re going to start with a rule of 10.

And when we say the rule of 10, we are talking about 10 applicants we want to have after we’ve screened all the resumes that ha…