Are You Ready For Christmas?

About the Author: Ashley Thomson
Ashley Thomson

As we race towards Christmas and away from that that pesky drummer boy (pa rum pa pum pum), you begin to look at your do to list;

Gifts, cooking, family, friends, BBQ’s, holidays… Oh, and running a successful business.

If you are like most small to medium sized business owners, then your holidays are few and far between so making the most of this time is very important.

This Silly Season let Tenfold Coaching help take the reins (and follow the red nose) to set you up with a checklist on how to sustain a healthy business and allow you to take a break over Christmas.

Batteries Not Included

How many times have we seen this and scrambled for batteries at the last minute (usually it’s the TV remote that goes without). Yet every year it’s the same old battery-race around the house.

Be prepared this year. You never want to delegate because there’s only one elf you can trust to do it right – yoursELF! But in the long run, by not delegating, you’re missing out on the opportunity to train and empower your team to perform well in the business. That means you are only making more work for yourself.

Really think about what you have to do and what can be given to someone else. Don’t be stuck without batteries again!

Cookies and Milk for Santa! (don’t forget the carrots for the Reindeers)

We know what Santa loves as he squeezes down the chimney. Let’s think about our clients and customers and what they want and need to know over Christmas.

Take the time to let your customers know when you are away, automate your email and change your answering machines. These simple, yet highly effective ways let your customers know that you care and you will return their calls and emails when you reopen.
If your work phone is your mobile be vigilant in sending unknown calls (and in-laws) to voicemail. People are aware that Christmas is a holiday period and they understand that you, like them, need a little break after a busy year.

‘Maybe Christmas,’ he thought, ‘doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas . . . perhaps . . means a little bit more!’ – The Grinch (ht Dr Seuss)
Google almost crashes every year when we start frantically searching for the shopping centre opening hours and online stores. People feel calmer when they know your availability. Inform your customers and reassure them of your opening and closing times. Also don’t make promises you can’t keep; on your first day back you will be busy so let everyone know the realistic timeframe when you expect to be available to take on new work.

Santa’s Wish List

Tis the season of lists! We let our children create extravagant list for Santa and at home we have a heap for shopping, gifts, recipes, itineraries, the list of lists can go on and on (even the guy with the white beard has a naughty or nice list).
Keep on top of things with a set of procedures and lists that outline what happens when you are away.

Who is responsible? What systems will be implemented?

Tweak the system you have in place to suit the holiday season.

The best part is when July approaches and you think “I’d love to take another break”… guess what? You can! These steps are transferable and when fine-tuned they will allow you to take holidays without much hesitation.

A Dry Run

If this is the first time you’re thinking of taking a little bit of time off, it is important to have a practise run. If you usually work through your weekends and don’t have any time off in the week, you need a practise run. Take a half day off leading up to Christmas. Make sure your team is capable of managing without you and you can only be contacted in an emergency. By doing this you will be able to see areas in the business that need more support or can be set up more effectively, whether it is team training or a detail in your documented procedures and systems.

Keep Cool

Let’s be honest: your business is another family member, so leaving it behind for a few days may make you feel uneasy. Think through what is making you uncomfortable and attend to those areas before you head off on your break.

Now for the secret (ssssshh)

The flying reindeer aren’t powered by magic dust – they’re a prototype of the new Tesla RD3000. (Thanks, Elon, for the inside scoop!)

Now that we have you shaking in your boots, here is the real secret: not everything will run smoothly, however, if you approach your holidays with a clear mind and address all the steps mentioned, everything else will be manageable. Also, remember the time spent with family and friends is time not easily replaced.

Finally, the best part is that next year you will be an expert at holidays!

At Tenfold we love hearing about your holidays because, if you are taking one without hesitation then you are one of a lucky few. If you still feel like you are unable to step away from your business because:

  • No one is available to fill your place in the business
  • Ongoing work all-year around
  • No spare cash
  • No systems in place to train your team
  • You don’t trust your team to hold down the fort in your absence

Then my final Christmas wish for you is to: Get a Tenfold Coach. They really are the gift that keeps giving. And giving. And giving.