12 binge-worthy podcasts for small business owners

small business podcasts“When I’m drivin’ in my car, and the man come on the radio
He’s tellin’ me more and more about some useless information
Supposed to fire my imagination”

– Rolling Stones, Satisfaction

If you’ve been stuck in traffic on your daily commute or when moving between client sites lately, you may be experiencing the same level of dissatisfaction that I have been. The breakfast fare offered by my local radio stations comprises a tedious menu of pranks and over-excited, mind-numbing dissection of the previous evening’s episode of The Bachelor. Well, no more! I am setting myself a challenge to maximise the minutes in my day and renovating 30-40 of them by including some edutainment in my daily diet. Podcasts are providing me with the benefits of ‘eating your greens first’… just with that old ‘spoonful of sugar’ that helps the medicine go down!

I am not jealously guarding this new-found obsession – podcasts have proven to be a brilliant source of businessy information, inspiration and some fresh perspective for my Tenfold coaching clients. It’s so easy to just download the latest episode and wait for the greatness to seep into your brain. My bet (hope) is that we’ll all arrive at work with just the seed of an idea to make us more productive, innovative or even just a little more excited about our awaiting to-do lists.

These twelve podcasts are delivered by thought leaders, entrepreneurs, fellow business owners and experts. They’re all worth a listen; work your way through the list to see which presenters and topics hold the most value and appeal for you and your business:

  • Tradies Business Show:
    If you are a tradie looking to move ‘off the tools’ so you can build a business (and future) for yourself, then this is the show for you! It’s been running for a couple of years now, so you’ll be able to enjoy a large backlog of episodes covering all kinds of small business topics such as “How to get clients to pay you” and “How to niche your trade business”. Aussie gold.
  • Beers, Blokes and Business:
    This one lives up to its name; this bunch of business blokes literally begin each episode reviewing a craft beer before tackling the topic du jour. If that’s not enough of a selling point for you, then the tips, tools and techniques will be. It’s a “warts and all” approach to supporting Australian business owners with over 90 episodes in the bank. Cheers!
  • Marketing Smarts Podcast:
    Spend 30 minutes per week marinading in top-shelf marketing know-how. Actionable topics such as “You don’t market, you create reactions” and “Futureproof your marketing” are sure to get you on the right track to connecting with your customers. With episodes dating back to 2011, there is some good vintage stuff on the racks to enjoy.
  • EntreLeadership:
    Devotees call this “listening with purpose”. A catchall of relevant topics for business leaders, each episode commences with a lesson from the great Dave Ramsey himself (best-selling financial author and leadership expert). There won’t be a topic that doesn’t grab you by the ears and the consistent quality of the guests is outstanding (think Simon Sinek-types). There is a reason it is a top-rated business podcast.
  • Beyond the To Do List:
    This podcast focuses on productivity, time management and prioritising your life. You may well wonder how presenter, Erik Fisher, has kept generating fresh content on this niche topic for almost six years (and 232 episodes), but his listeners are hooked – he’s doing something right.
  • The Introvert Entrepreneur:
    If you are a sensitive soul who prefers being alone and working autonomously, then you may feel that you often hang around at the sidelines of the Entrepreneurial archetype. Not so, says podcast presenter, Sarah Santacroce, whose show explores topics on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Relationships and Personal Growth. She is a guru for those who are looking to grow their business in a fuss-free, quiet fashion.
  • Small Business Big Marketing:
    Australia’s #1 marketing podcast. Grab a notepad and pen because there are so many great ideas and tips to get down. ‘Timbo’ Reid beings you a great mix of guests including both successful business owners and marketing professionals. It’s a crash course in stretching your shoestring marketing budget so it laces all the way up to the top.
  • My Business Podcast:
    This is widely acknowledged as the leading podcast for Australia’s 2million SME owners and operators. No scripts, no holds barred – just honest discussions about the challenges and issues faced by business owners. This is the meat and potatoes of my new podcast diet (with some fancy sauces that keep me coming back for more).
  • Entrepreneurs on Fire:
    John Lee Dumas’ award-winning show brings aspiring business owners the stories of those who have already carved the pathway through to truly ‘big’ success. I firmly believe that ‘if you can see it, you can be it’, so the daily exposure to these inspiring characters provides huge benefits for my coaching clients. Every episode reinforces the belief that you, too, can achieve even your loftiest goals.
  • Mindfully:
    The ABC has released a promising new mindfulness podcast brought to you by former captain of the Sydney Swans, Brett Kirk. He knows first-hand the role and power of mindset in achieving extraordinary things and mindfulness continues to play a big part in his life. He’s keen to bring listeners useful meditations and expert advice from mindfulness gurus… and prove once and for all that this ‘mind stuff’ isn’t just for hippy-dippy types.
  • The Tim Ferriss Show:
    Known affectionately as the “Oprah of Audio”, Ferriss has said that he would like his over- 100million-times-downloaded show to become a place where thought leaders who want to “go deep” can put down an “interview they’d want their kids to remember them by”. With guests including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Foxx, Tony Robbins and ‘ungettables’ such as Naval Ravikant, Ferriss has said that his goal is to reach a place where a few months-worth of listening to his show would rival a year of an MBA at a top educational facility. I reckon he may just make it.
  • The Pitch:
    If you would prefer your Shark Tank-type entertainment to have fewer dramatic pauses and cliff-hanger ad breaks, then this is your podcast. Its premise is “real entrepreneurs pitch to real investors – for real money” and it doesn’t disappoint. Because they’re not just there to push the ads apart, the investors offer real advice, knowledge and insight to the hopeful founders. Lots of fun.


Over and out…
Despite podcasts being around for over 10 years now, it is only the Smartphone and bigger data plans that have seen this form of idea-spreading really take off. I, for one, am glad. It will make for more meaningful ‘me time’ – moments of brilliance that I can jam into the suspended existence I enjoy between work and home. When I’m driving in my car and the man comes on the radio… firing up my imagination… oh the satisfaction!

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