Seth Godin on people who benefit the most from coaching

About the Author: Ashley Thomson
Ashley Thomson

Seth GodinSeth Godin is globally recognised as one of the best known marketing thought leaders. Seth has a long running blog in which he has published daily posts for over 10 years. In his blog, he has often written about the virtues of having a coach, and he recently wrote a post about business coaches in particular.

In this recent post, he makes note of the emotional considerations and practical benefits of having a coach. As you can imagine, it struck a chord with the coaches and team at Tenfold. We’re obviously biased towards using a coach. We know from experience that a good coach will speed up the results that business owners would like for their business. And we’re also very mindful of how the people we work with feel about having a coach.

If you get a moment, I highly recommend reading the post for yourself and seeing if it also resonates with you. It’s a very short post, about 1 minute to read.

Read Seth’s post here: A Coaching Paradox


P.S. Here’s a sneak peak:

Exerpt of blog by Seth Godin