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Meet Our Award-Winning Business Coaches

The award-winning and experienced team of business coaches at Tenfold Business Coaching in Melbourne can help you get real results for your business. Learn more.

Lee Dore

Lee Dore, Business Growth Expert

Originally from the UK, Lee made the move to Australia back in 2008 where he quickly set up a life for himself. For over a decade now he has been growing businesses and positively impacting their bottom line. With a strong background and a passion for sales, Lee has experience...

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Arjen van den Broek

Arjen van den Broek, Business Coach

With a solid and diverse background in business, Arjen (“Ar-i-an”) has the skills you need in a business coach. He has spent his career working on getting the best out of businesses and the people who run them. Arjen is an accomplished teacher of sales techniques, and has a passion...

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