CEO Of The Year: And The Winner Is…

About the Author: Ashley Thomson
Ashley Thomson

The Business Excellence Forum Awards (BEF) recognises and honours businesses that encompass a culture of innovation, passion, risk-taking and leadership.

Tenfold is proud to announce that the CEO of the Year for 2016 was awarded to Owen Johnson from Comvision Australia.

Owen has been working with his business coach, Ashley Thomson, for 5 years and the whole team at Tenfold Business Coaching is delighted that Owen’s leadership has been recognised.

Comvision was formed in 2004 and they provide businesses with a professional IT management solution. Building on their success serving businesses in Victoria, Owen expanded his vision for Comvision and they now have offices in NSW.

What made Owen the perfect winner for this award was that he is always ready to learn, an advocate for his team and understands that success comes from seeking “out of the box” solutions.

“We don’t simply seek to resolve IT problems, but place a focus on real business solutions that match your requirements and ensure that through our emphasis on strong communication and proper management your IT system provides you with the best platform for increased productivity and business continuity”.

Congratulations Owen, it has been inspiring working closely with you and your outstanding team at Comvision Australia.