4 Need-To-Know Hints for Success in Sales

About the Author: Ashley Thomson
Ashley Thomson

For some, the thought of customer service and sales can feel very daunting. Sometimes it comes from a fear of being judged or rejection and other times you may just not feel qualified.

Throughout my two years at SEEK Learning, my experience and some great mentors taught me a few basic skills on how to ensure that each day was productive and that I hit the targets set out for me and the goals I created for myself.

Below are a few approaches I used during my time in customer service – sales:

1. Focus on Attitude

I have found that a positive attitude goes a long way in most areas of life and in the arena of customer service/sales, doubly-so. When dealing with clients, I use body language and tone to make a big impact on how they feel about the interaction. In person and even over the phone, I recommend starting with a smile, belief in what you’re offering and the vision of a positive outcome. With these few elements, most interactions should end the way they started – Positive!

2. Belief in the product

Whether you’re selling an item, a service, a business or even a person, I know it’s hard to talk about something you don’t believe in. Through my experience, I have learnt that belief in what you are offering comes from understanding the industry you are serving, how your product caters to your clients, and your unique selling point. I believe that you should never forget to always aim to learn more.

3. Learning more

Sales is about the customer seeing the need for what you are offering themselves and not about you convincing them to need it. In my two years with SEEK Learning, I found that learning more isn’t just all about knowing everything about what you’re selling either. When it comes to customer service, sincerity goes a long way… that’s right, I said sincerity. Caring about the person on the other end of the phone, gaining trust and asking sincere questions can help you learn what the client is truly looking for and understand how to place them in the right headspace to see the need for what you are offering. The more you’re able to position your prospective customers to see the need, the more likely you are to have an on the spot sale or a successful follow-up.

4. Systematic Follow-up

After interacting with a prospective client, investing time and providing information to them, it can be disappointing when they decide to “think about it”. It is important to realise that however talented you are, not every interaction you have will immediately lead to an on the spot sale. This is where systematic follow-up is very important. Before shaking hands goodbye or hanging up the phone, make sure the client knows you are going to be in touch. Through my experience, more often than not, this encourages the customer not to forget about your conversation and your ability to convert the next time you speak, will be more likely.

A 100% conversion rate is rare but I have found that through experience, a focus on attitude, belief in the product, the want to learn more and systematic follow-up, I was able to see a lot more success.

By aiming to place these approaches into your daily routine you will not only feel less daunted by the process but see an increase in both your productivity and sales.

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