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Seth Godin on people who benefit the most from coaching

Seth Godin is globally recognised as one of the best known marketing thought leaders. Seth has a long running blog in which he has published daily posts for over 10 years. In his blog, he has often written about the virtues of having a coach, and he recently wrote a post about business coaches in […]

are you mentorable
Not a coincidence: 7 attributes the most successful business owners have in common

Find out what qualities you must bring to the table to get the most out of your business coaching experience.

business coaching: bridging the gap between learning and doing
Mind the gap: how business owners can bridge the divide between learning and doing

Do you have a qualification related to running your business? While plenty of business owners have certifications, qualifications and/or extensive experience in what their business offers (eg an apprenticeship in a trade), hardly any have any formal training in how to deliver it (eg a business degree). Business owners are do-ers… When they inevitably come […]

Negotiating is a business skill
Negotiation: the non-negotiable business skill

For many of us, the word ‘negotiation’ conjures up images of fat cats in pin-striped suits, smoking cigars and shaking hands on shady deals. No one wants to be that guy. Thing is, we negotiate our way through almost every day of our lives. Ever made dinner plans with friends? Convinced the kids to shut […]

Decision tree
The Tenfold Business Coaching guide to tackling tough decisions

The average person makes around 35,000 conscious decisions daily. Get up or hit the snooze button? Exercise or get in to work early? Answer the phone or let it go to voicemail? Just thinking about all the sliding doors moments that happen in a single day may have you wishing you could just switch to […]

managers who crack under pressure put their team at risk
Are you a leader who cracks under pressure? Your team’s success could be at risk

‘A leader is a dealer in hope’   That quote sounds like something straight out of a present-day leadership expert’s keynote speech, right? In fact, it was legendary French statesman and military leader, Napoleon Bonaparte who uttered those words over 200 years ago. As it turns out, he was spot on. Two centuries later, a […]

S=Qr the formula for success
There’s a formula for success… but do you have what it takes?

We have something to share with you. It’s nothing, really. Only… THE FORMULA FOR SUCCESS (No need to adjust your screens – you read that right.) Physicist, Albert-László Barabási, has boiled this most elusive of goals down to a formula containing just three terms: S = Qr   Let’s unpack this – because that tiny formula […]

Avoid the mistakes your business heroes made
6 wrong turns your business heroes made (so you don’t have to)

Even the most famous and successful of our business heroes bomb out sometimes. Sōichirō Honda went as far as to say that “success is 99% failure”. The wins of the following entrepreneurs are legendary. Luckily (for you) their mistakes were just as public. Our Tenfold coaches mentor small business owners to reverse engineer the failures […]

thank you cloud
Sorry, did you mean to say, ‘thank you’? Three reasons why gratitude is mightier than an apology

Very few of us seem to find the right balance when it comes to apologising. Occasionally I’m faced with a small business owner for whom summoning an apology is like coaxing the last bit of Heinz Big Red out of the sauce bottle (much to the detriment of their customer relationships). Far more common, however, […]

an app-le a day
An app-le a day: 27 wellness apps to maintain your most important small business asset

I’ve got you sorted for a list of handy mobile apps to help your small business thrive, but what about your most priceless business resource – you? I recommend these wellbeing apps to my Tenfold coaching clients, to help keep their bodies and minds happy and healthy.   Catch more Zzzs Getting good quality sleep […]