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resilient team
When it hits the fan, what’s the plan? How to build resilience into your team and your business

In my last blog, I explored the topic of resilient leadership and put forward some ideas for how small business owners can develop this valuable skill within themselves. Now, let’s widen the focus and look at how you can build a more resilient team and work ‘bounce-back’ strategies into your business. Become a ‘supermodel’ As a […]

Cup of concrete
Have a cup of concrete: six qualities shared by resilient business leaders

For business owners, stress is a constant companion. As the head of the table of your own business you have dished yourself up an extra helping of responsibility. Knowing that the livelihood of both yourself and your employees depends on the success of your business is quite the heavy load. There will be times when […]

Boosting creativity - right brain
Increase your creativity tenfold: 10 ways to spark great ideas in your small business

It’s amazing how many of my business coaching clients believe that they “don’t have a creative bone in their body”. They consider themselves as ‘business-minded’ – logical and strategic. Of course, many small business owners possess those qualities, but they are often selling themselves short by not actively exploring their creative side. We tend to […]

cat with ego of a lion
Check yourself before you wreck yourself: 9 ways your ego could be holding your business back

I recently came by some interesting feedback from a fellow Tenfold coach’s client. He told us that the most valuable thing he had gotten out of his sessions so far was how his ego was holding his business back. I’ll admit it – I was a little taken aback. Quiet and mild-mannered, I certainly didn’t […]

12 binge-worthy podcasts for small business owners

“When I’m drivin’ in my car, and the man come on the radio He’s tellin’ me more and more about some useless information Supposed to fire my imagination” – Rolling Stones, Satisfaction If you’ve been stuck in traffic on your daily commute or when moving between client sites lately, you may be experiencing the same […]

Fear busters - fail your way to success
8 fear busters to help you fail your way to success

Ability to master fear would make the top 5 of any entrepreneur’s list of most important skills – in fact, it would most likely take out the top spot. The big names – Branson, Jobs, Disney, Gates to name just a few – know that the path to success never did run smooth. These guys […]

Break the cookie habit
Breaking Bad (Habits): 6 actions you can take today to break bad habits

It all starts with a simple cup of coffee.  And a cheeky biscuit, just to tide you over until dinner. One biscuit won’t hurt and it goes so well with coffee and your body is craving a 3pm sugar hit. Somehow, at the end of the month, you’re automatically reaching for the bikkie tin without […]

Focusing on the ‘ability’ in ‘disability’: 5 benefits of inclusive employment for your small business

If you didn’t catch the ABC’s recent and extremely popular “Employable Me Australia” series, I would encourage you to watch it: if you’re quick you can track it down on

5 Need-To-Know Triggers for Depression in Small Business

Running your own business can be hugely rewarding, but for many small business owners having the sole responsibility for the company’s success or failure can take a heavy toll. Did you know that currently over 3 million Australians are livin…

Are Your Blind Spots Holding You Back? 4 Tips to See Your Way Clear

Have you ever wondered why it sometimes feels like you are doing everything that you can think of in your business and working endless hours, simply to look back at the end of the year and feel like nothing has really changed? Or why your co…