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Time Management

A virtual assistant could help you scale your small business
Help! I need somebody: how a virtual assistant could help you scale your business (and keep your sanity)

Remember those 1,971 working hours you had ‘in the bank’ at the start of 2019… Hands up if you’ve maximised every moment of your time and still calculate that you’ve signed up for more hours working in your business than you have available? (And NO, sleep is not optional!) It’s a good sign if your […]

small business owners have 1971 hours to work in their business in 2019
7 hot tips to get more out of less time

There’s a number I want you to focus on for a moment. 1971. One thousand, nine-hundred and seventy-one… Assuming a 9-hour work day (as well as deducting public holidays, weekends, personal days etc) that’s how many hours you have available to invest in your small business this year. Just let that sink in for a […]

Time is money, saving time
9 Fool-proof Time Management Strategies for Small Business Owners

One of the first things I work on with my Tenfold coaching clients is time management. It isn’t something which always comes naturally to entrepreneurial types and, unfortunately, being the boss won’t magically imbue you with ‘boss’ organisational skills. Luckily, there are many tried and true methods for making the move from ‘busy’ to ‘productive’. […]

Maximise the App-ortunities: The best 14 apps for Australian small business owners

Meeting clients at their workplace, working remotely, visiting your team onsite; there are so many advantages to not being stuck behind a desk. It’s no wonder that Australian small businesses are conducting more business on their mobile devi…

4 Ways to Confidently Outsource (until science invents cloning)

As a business owner, you have to be a Jack or Jill of all trades. What are you today? An accountant, marketer, lawyer, bookkeeper, technician… However, if you intend to keep your sanity and business running smoothly, you need to either clone yourself or find ways to spread your workload. Given that modern science is […]

2 quick tips to save you time

As a business owner, you have to wear many hats. Are you the accountant, marketer, lawyer, bookkeeper and technician all rolled into one? In the beginning maybe you need to be a jack of all trades however, this isn’t always productive. Th…