2 quick tips to save you time

About the Author: Ashley Thomson
Ashley Thomson

As a business owner, you have to wear many hats. Are you the accountant, marketer, lawyer, bookkeeper and technician all rolled into one? In the beginning maybe you need to be a jack of all trades however, this isn’t always productive. There are two question I ask my business coaching clients; “Are you making the best use of your strengths as an entrepreneur?” and “Do all your other roles leave you time for this?”

Here are some tips I share with my business coaching clients on ways to delegate and outsource, without breaking the bank.

1. Pay someone to do your bookkeeping and BAS.

Bookkeeping for a small business is getting more and more complicated. A good bookkeeper will save you money in the long run, not to mention many sleepless nights. A good business coach will also be able to direct you and your bookkeeper in the reports they need to generate to run the business effectively and make informed decisions.

2. Get help with your marketing.

Many business owners are great at providing the products or services they sell. Running a business requires a different set of skills. Getting some advice can ensure you market your product/service to the right group of consumers, with good sales results. Once again, an experienced business coach can assist you with your marketing and utilise your existing team in the administration side of implementing marketing strategies.

Bonus tip: Spend your newly freed-up time working on your business, rather than in it!

A bookkeeper or marketer will not have the same passion or vision for your business as you do. They will however, do your accounting or marketing more effectively and efficiently than you can. Don’t waste long hours frustrated with jobs others can do well.

As a business owner, your entrepreneurial spirit, passion, vision and persistence are your greatest assets. Outsource where you can and spend your time focusing on your strengths.

If you had an extra 3 hours a week to spend on your business, what would you do with it?

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