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Anthony Green – Tiger Tribe

Anthony Green, co-owner of Tiger Tribe, is a better leader thanks to the coaching he did with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Key points:
• Established business was still growing
• Business owner recognised he needed to improve
• Since working with Tenfold he is making better decisions faster
• His team is performing better
• Worth the investment in his own professional development

Hear from Anthony how his Tenfold Business Coach is helping him be the best leader to grow his business.

Gary & Jan Herzig – Dueltek

Gary and Jan Herzig have run Dueltek, Australia’s number one cable store for over 27 years. They approached Tenfold Business Coaching to take their business to the next level.

Key points:
• Well established, successful business
• Year on year growth had slowed
• Their Tenfold Business Coach gave them the extra skills and discipline that the business needed
• Coaching implemented changes to drive sales growth
• Coach has helped them free up their time to work on their business, not just work in it

Hear more of Gary and Jan’s candid account of how Tenfold Business Coaching helped them to increase turnover and gross profit.

Carolyn & Richie Miles – Surrey Hills Garden Supplies

Carolyn and Richie Miles of Surrey Hills Garden Supplies know the difference an experienced business coach can make to a small business owner.

Key points:
• Experienced business owners of a paving and landscaping business, and then a garden supply business
• Was already achieving steady growth on their own
• Used their Tenfold Business Coach to double their rate of growth in just three months

See Carolyn and Richie’s testimonial in full.

Gene Onyschko – Sanitaire Bio-Products

Gene Onyschko, owner of Sanitaire Bio-Products, import and distribution business, has seen great benefits from using an experienced Tenfold Business Coach.

Key points:
• Experience operator, with over 19 years running his own business
• Felt there were still areas of his business that were holiding him back, such as sales & marketing
• Needed an experienced coach that offered a tailored program
• His coach has kept him focussed and has held him accountable
• Believes that even successful businesses would benefit & grown by using an experienced Tenfold Business Coach

Read Gene’s honest perspective of how he is achieving rapid results through Tenfold Business Coaching.