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Now is the time to

Sell Your Business

The primary purpose of business is to create wealth for the business owner.

Building your business into an asset takes time and effort. Everything you invest in your business should increase its value as an asset. Selling or exiting the business is how you are rewarded for your investment.

When it’s done well, the full value of your asset is realised and wealth is delivered to you, the business owner.

There are several options to sell or exit your business:
  • Sell your business to an external buyer
  • Family businesses can pass it on within the family (often to the next generation)
  • Have the business run under management
  • Sell the assets and close the business

Whichever option you are considering to exit your business, the goal will be the same: maximise the value you get from the business.

All the coaches at Tenfold Business Coaching have owned their own business and sold them for a profit, so they have first-hand, real world knowledge of the process.

Whichever path is right for you to exit your business, the most important goal is to capitalise on the years of effort and money you invested in your asset. As an award-winning firm, Tenfold Business Coaching can guide you through the process and act in your best interests; an experienced business coach could be your second-best asset.

Sell your business to an external buyer

Selling your company to an external buyer can be the best way to realise the value of your business.
If you want to position your business to achieve its full value or even above value, get an unbiased perspective from a business expert.

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Family business: handing down to the next generation

Family businesses have an advantage that many other businesses strive to achieve: loyalty. But handing down the family business from one generation to the next can be complex.

The goals for successful transition are to have a harmonious family and a business that is positioned for future success. The right advice and planning makes all the difference.

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Have your business run under management

When you’re ready to step back from being hands-on in your business, it’s time to consider having your business run under management. The right manager can take over the day to day operations, which can free up your time and create a passive income stream for you. Before you hand over the reins to your biggest asset, explore the risks and advantages of having your business run under management.

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Sell your assets and close your business

A flexible option to exit your business is to sell the assets and close the doors. The advantage of selling your business in parts rather than as a whole is that you can attract a wider range of buyers, which means more demand and increases the sell prices. But the big cost is time, which can drive prices down. Find out how to stay in control and maximise your sale value.

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