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Since 2002 Tenfold Business Coaching has been advising leading automotive workshops and mechanics like BMC Performance.

Explore what’s possible when your technical skills are multiplied by Tenfold’s business knowledge.

If you believe your auto repair business could perform better and be more profitable, find out what you can achieve with an experienced Tenfold business coach.

Business coaching for automotive businesses in Australia

Know your numbers

If you’re not sure how much you’re making on every scheduled service and repair, there’s a risk you’re losing money. Now’s the time to change that.

Get advice to improve your mechanic business.

Be in control

A healthy mechanic business is like a well-oiled engine: all the parts work to deliver the outcome you plan for.

Control the gears that drive profit:
Sales | Cash Flow | Productivity

Get ahead of the pack

Stand out as a specialist in the highly competitive field of auto repairers.

Secure a profitable niche, and choose the bookings you take.

Have an edge over the competition.

Bulletproof your business

Protect your auto business from the knocks.

Realistic planning and resource management to operate a productive workshop with profitable output.

Lead a high performing team

Attract and retain a reliable crew of mechanics, techs and apprentices.

Create a collaborative workplace that includes the workshop crew and the front desk team.

Freedom to Choose

Work ON your business, not in it.

Take your business to the next level, or just take time off without thinking about the workshop.

Financial independence to give you options.

Back your mechanic business growth with:

Financial tools to track and improve performanceNext-level strategies for your big pictureBest practices for pricing, systems and cost controlManagement coaching for high-performing teams

Back your automotive business with smart strategies for bankable growth

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Team group

Automotive business coaching provides intel and accountability

Know what you need to know to drive your business results.


You wouldn’t make a guess about hoist settings, so don’t make guesses in your business.

As growth experts, our business coaches get the right intel to make informed decisions to improve your after market auto repair business.

And we’ll keep you accountable to get the results your business deserves.

  • Optimised Pricing: Maximise profit per job with the right pricing for parts and labour. Stop leaking money on undercharged work and parts.
  • Best Practices for Productivity: Faster turnaround through the workshop improves cash flow and client satisfaction. It leads to more repeat bookings and means you can take on more jobs.
  • Optimal Mix of Work: Strategies to get the right balance of high value complex work (rebuilds, restorations, major repairs, diagnostics) and standard work (servicing, RWC, tyres, wheel alignments).

Take the guesswork out of your business. When you know better, you do better.


Experts in workshop management tools

We make systems work for your business.

Unlike other business coaches, we don’t force you change your workshop management systems to suit us.

Tenfold business coaches are multidisciplinary and system-agile.

Really, that just means that we know how to use lots of different systems to get the best for your automotive services business.

Coaching to lead teams of techs and customer service

Build the skills and output of your team to grow your mechanic business.

mechanic workshop team leadership
mechanic workshop team leadership
mechanic workshop team leadership

Labour is one of the biggest challenges facing auto repairs businesses. A shortage of qualified mechanics is compounded by the low numbers of apprentices entering the industry. Apprenticeship commencements are low and those who do start often don’t finish their training.

That’s why business coaching focuses on making the most of the technicians and customer service reps you have, while also looking to recruit and retain good operators to grow your business. Some of the key areas we work on with you are:

  • Repeatable Training: Developing SOPs and banking the knowledge so your apprentices can learn and revisit the training on an as-needs basis.
  • KPIs that Drive Efficiency: Track and improve key areas of profitability: utilisation by hoist, billable hours, charge-out rates, reducing rework.
  • Customer Service and Admin Effectiveness: Improve the technical knowledge of the customer service team to streamline operations. Shift non-billable admin tasks from the workshop to the front desk.

Lead a high performing team that grows with your business. Explore what’s possible today.

Back your auto repair shop with a Tenfold business coach

Business coaching to manage throughput and maximise profit

Mechanics are drawn to their trade. It’s a calling, really. Being a good auto technician takes more than skill; the best mechanics are curious and precise. Scaling up from a single technician to a workshop with multiple service bays and hoists is a serious business, with serious costs and very little room for margin of error. Repeat business is the lifeblood of a successful automotive business. So you have to make sure that all the resources you’re putting in, including your time and the physical effort of your technicians in the workshop, pay off.

Independent workshops have to compete against manufacturer-backed dealer service centres, and that challenge is made harder with the perception of new car buyers that they must use dealer service centres to uphold their warranties. Smart strategies are required to compete against these dealer workshops.

And the competition over clients isn’t the only battle ground. Recruiting apprentices is tough let alone qualified mechanics. When you do recruit them, you then need to retain and develop them further. The repetitive nature of servicing suits some mechanics while others want to tackle more variety of complex jobs.

The pace of change of vehicle technology is a factor you can’t ignore. Automotive servicing is much more technical than in the past; there’s more fault finding and replacement of units and parts than repairs. Modern mechanics need to have the diagnostic tools and the technical knowledge to use them to find faults. Lead times between bookings and payment can challenge the cash flow of even the most efficient workshop. And unlike other trades such as plumbers or electricians that can quickly expand their capacity to suit increased demand, an auto repairs businesses growth is constrained by the size of the workshop and the number of hoists and service bays. In the meantime, the costs don’t wait.

Tenfold business coaches have experience in coaching mechanical workshops.

We’ve been delivering business coaching services to automotive businesses for over 20 years. Our clients provide services across the range including rebuilds, restorations, major repairs, diagnostics and servicing.

From increasing prices to reducing cost and improving communications between the workshop team and the customer service team, our coaching focuses on what the business needs to perform better.

We adapt our strategies to get results that count. We measure what matters, like parts margins, rebookings, labour utilisation, service bay utilisation, job efficiency, rework and actuals vs estimates. Ultimately, we prioritise the profit drivers. With a commitment to delivering positive ROI on coaching, our effort shows where it counts: on the bottom line. No doubt.

Take your mechanic business to the next level
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