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Surrey Hills Garden Supplies
Surrey Hills Garden Supplies

Since 2002, Tenfold has been the business coach partner to garden and building supplies businesses like Surrey Hills Garden Supplies.

If you believe your business could run better and be more profitable, find out what you can achieve with an experienced Tenfold business coach.

Strategic advice and coaching for businesses supplying hardware, materials, plant and equipment

Know your numbers

If you don’t know how much you’re making on every delivery or sale, then you’re probably wasting profit. Harsh but fair.

Now’s the time to change that.

Be the preferred supplier

Stand out from your competitors.

Secure your place in a profitable niche, earn your spot in the speed dial for your ideal clients in landscape and construction.

Be in control

A good business is a well-oiled machine: all the parts work to deliver the outcome you want.

Control the gears that drive profit:
Sales | Productivity | Margins

Bulletproof your business

Protect your supply business from the knocks of the construction cycle booms and busts.

Don’t lose time and waste money reinventing the wheel. Learn the pros and cons from others who have been where you are and advanced further ahead.

Lead a high performing team

Run a reliable yard crew of site manager, drivers, and labourers.

Be supported by top-notch office team: sales, schedulers, fleet managers.

Lead a team you can bank on.

Freedom to Choose

Set a plan for your business to provide financial freedom.

Explore options for the next stages of the business lifecycle: expansion, run by manager, business exit through sale or operation for passive income.

Meet the team of Tenfold Business Mentors

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Find out why our business mentors love working at Tenfold

Business coaches who back supply yards

Back your business with award-winning growth experts

Business Coach and Firm of the Year 2022 Australia
The Business Excellence Forum & Awards Coaching Firm of the Year 2022

We know the ins and outs of supplying garden and building materials

Like the trades you supply – builders and landscapers – weather plays a big part in your business. High demand for projects in spring means lots of sales. Wet weather can dry up orders. Consistency can be a challenge, while scheduling needs to be accurate and agile. We get it. There are loads of moving parts that all need to work to make the bank account grow.

We know what drives success

It’s a highly competitive market: the big name chains like Bunnings and Mitre 10 can offer lower prices. Customers (builders, landscapers, pool builders, gardeners) can often buy supplies even cheaper if they plan ahead and source directly from large quarries, steel, cement or equipment suppliers. Smaller businesses lack the leverage to compete against these suppliers and chains on a like-for-like basis. Instead, good G&BS businesses differentiate by offering a responsive service that suits time-poor trades. Best in breed yards get repeat clients because they trade on convenience.

We know the effort involved

The success of a supplies business relies on running an efficient yard. It takes skill to manage stock levels while also making good margins on sales. Investing in a capable and reliable team to deliver the work is crucial to your effort paying off.

Surrey Hills Garden Supplies Business Coach
Doug lord Yellowstone

We had our garden supply business for 8 years and we thought we were doing well. It was getting steady growth at 20% per year. Since working with our Tenold coach, we’ve doubled that growth.

Richie and Carolyn Miles, Directors
SmartGrass (Tenfold clients since 2003)

Review of Tenfold Business Coaching

Surrey Hills Garden Supplies Business Coach

“We had our garden supply business for 8 years and we thought we were doing well. It was getting steady growth at 20% per year. Since working with our Tenold coach, we’ve doubled that growth.”

Richie and Carolyn Miles, Directors
SmartGrass (Tenfold clients since 2003)

Data-backed decisions to grow your hardware and landscaping supplies business

Know what you need to know to grow the best version of your business.


You wouldn’t make a guess about tipper capacity, so don’t make guesses in your business.

Business coaching focuses on the right data to help you make informed decisions to grow your building and garden supplies business.

  • Measure what matters: Deliveries per day vs capacity | Gross profit by product | Delivery charges vs costs | Equipment ROI and utilisation | Value by client/order type.
  • Best Practices for Pricing: Negotiate competitive prices to reasonably compete against similar competitors, buying groups and big chains.

  • Marketing that works: Smart strategies for the right marketing that works to win new clients and lock in your position as preferred supplier.

Take the guesswork out of your business. When you know better, you do better.


Business Coaching Firm of the Year for growing Australian businesses

Awarded: 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

Team group

Leadership coaching to manage an efficient team

Coaching for business owners and managers of yards and supply operations

mechanic workshop team leadership

Tenfold business coaching supports your team with:

  • Recruiting and Retaining the Right People: Find workers with the skills and attitude to suit your roles. Truck drivers with the right licences, yard workers who are quick learners, sales reps who know the building and landscaping industry.
  • Communication and collaboration: Coaching on how to manage a mixed bag of employees, how to settle tempers when the pressure is on, how to assign tasks and delegate clearly, and keep the wheels turning.
  • Management Training for Yard Managers: Build their knowledge of how to manage a well-run site: training labourers and implementing standard operating procedures to reduce the risk of errors and make every order fulfilment as efficient and error-free as possible.

Back your business growth with a solid team. Explore what’s possible today.

Coaching provides strategies for optimising scheduling

Grow your turnover AND your bottom line.

For garden and building supplies business, scheduling is a critical success factor. Get it wrong and your margins erode. Get it right consistently and you secure your place in your clients’ speed dial as preferred supplier. But it’s not a one-and-done job. A stockout can mean you lose a customer so you have to be diligent about maintaining stock levels, forecasting orders and managing your fleet.

Reliability of supply in a timely manner is what wins repeat business. Most orders involve delivery to multiple sites across a geographic area, so coaching helps with scheduling best practices. Experienced operators know that not all orders are the same value to your business. At Tenfold we help with protocols for fulfilling orders based on customer priority and importance.

Supplying materials, equipment and advice are important parts of the construction value chain that includes builders, landscapers, gardeners and pool builders. We coach businesses on how to utilise the right person for customer service and scheduling so you can provide reliable delivery and be the go-to for supply for A-grade clients.

With a commitment to delivering positive ROI on coaching, our effort shows where it counts: on the bottom line.

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