Business Coaching for Businesses in the City of Greater Geelong

Take Your Geelong Business to the Next Level

At Tenfold, we provide business coaching and mentoring for businesses in Geelong and surrounding areas.

As Australia’s most awarded business coaches, we have proven strategies to make a good business a great business.

Our coaching for established Geelong businesses delivers real results that matter:

Positive cash flow and bankable profit: Every job you do should grow your bank balance, and you should know how much. Our experienced business coaches give you the tools to assess the profitability of each job. This means you can have a handle on your cash flow, and you know which jobs to go after and which ones to pass. Never lose money on work again. Get the financial benefit from your business that you deserve.

Sales and marketing: Develop or pivot your marketing and sales strategies to target the right type of clients to grow your business in Geelong and surrounding areas. Get ahead of your competitors and choose the work you want.

Lead a high performing team: Recruit and retain the best talent in the Geelong area, and grow a team that can be relied on in thick and thin. Put the right structures in place so you can lead from the top. The only way you’ll be able to step back from your business is when you have a team that treats your business like it’s their own. And that takes the right type of management – we’ll show you how.

Big picture planning: Discover what’s possible for your business. If you’ve ever thought your business could do more, be more, and create more wealth for you, find out how to make that happen. Our award-winning business coaches have the strategies to make your big picture real.

Whether you want to expand from your Geelong base into larger markets, have the reputation as the leader in your field, take on bigger clients, or have your business provide passive income for your lifestyle, Tenfold is the best fit for your business.

Contact us today to book your Zoom meeting with an experienced business coach. Find out what’s possible today.

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