At the recent Brad Sugars Uncensored seminar in Melbourne, I saw many people nodding in agreement with Brad’s messages. Now Brad, by his own admission, is not a motivational speaker; he doesn’t do warm and fuzzy, instead he does hard and fast*. When people nod during a Brad Sugars seminar, it’s not because they necessarily like what he’s saying, it’s because they understand how his insights can make a real difference in their business.

One of the messages that had people nodding, scribbling on notepads and tapping into Evernote was this:

Be x Do = Have

Sounds snappy but what does that actually mean?

The formula means that in order to have what you want to have, you need to be the person you want to be. Multiply that by doing what you need to do and that will result in what you have.

Let’s see the formula in action:

Be average x do average = have… average

Be great x do average = have… more average

Be great x do great = have GREAT!

Whether you use the formula to your advantage or not, it still works. The critical aspect of the formula is the multiplier effect. As Brad stated so clearly: “Positive thought without positive action leaves you with positively nothing!”

Many of our business coaching clients attended the booked-out seminar in Melbourne, even people who had seen Brad present before, and every single one said it was worthwhile. After the seminar, it was clear to see that people were feeling empowered and engaged and ready to take their businesses up into the next gear!

If you weren’t able to attend the seminar but want to access more of Brad’s insights, drop me a line and I’ll send you a complementary copy of one of Brad’s best-selling books from the ‘Instant’ series:

  • Instant Systems
  • Instant Profit
  • Instant Leads
  • Instant Sales
  • Instant Repeat Business
  • Instant Referrals
  • Instant Advertising
  • Instant Team Building

If you attended the Brad Sugars Uncensored Seminar or have seen other presentations of Brad’s, I’d love to hear which insights resonated with you.

*Here’s an example of Brad’s approach to ‘motivation’: “If you motivate an idiot, they just do stupid things faster!”