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Family Business

what to cull from your business in 2020
Your new year to-don’t list: things to cull from your business in 2020 for increased productivity, performance and joy

If you own a business, then I’m willing to bet that your to-do list is long enough that you could string it around your Christmas tree like tinsel. What’s more, just as you manage to cross something off, three more tasks join the queue for your ever-dividing attention. It’s a chief complaint for those I […]

succession planning for the next generation
Following in their footsteps: Stepping up to lead your family’s business

Last time we looked at succession planning within a family business from the founder’s perspective. But what about the next generation – the successors? Members of the ‘Leadership 2.0 Club’ know all too well that they’ve got some size 13 shoes to fill. It’s only with clear communication, proper planning, adequate preparation and continued support […]

succession planning
Beginning with the end in mind: succession planning for your family business

In Australia, family businesses account for a whopping 70% of all businesses. This means that for 1.4 million business owners, the work they do is far more than just a job. A family business is often viewed as a legacy, not only in terms of financial security but also a venture based on a shared […]

a detail for your business
You’ve lost that loving feeling: how to fall back in love with your small business

I was once considering selling my Clubsport R8. It was still running beautifully, but it just wasn’t exciting me anymore. I am a “car guy”, so if my pride and joy isn’t making my heart beat a little faster when I open my garage door every morning, then it’s probably time to move it on. […]