business coach tips for entering business awards
Should you enter industry awards? 6 reasons to put yourself (and your business) out there in 2020

The new business year is making a whirring noise and kicking into gear, leading many of us to review and set our personal and professional goals for 2020. As we go through this process, some of the business owners I mentor are looking for a new challenge – something to stir up the fire in […]

nine word email for business growth
The one marketing email you should start sending today

What’s your plan for dealing with leads who don’t convert immediately – or at least, say, within three months? As a business coach, the answer I often hear from business owners is, “I don’t need one – they’re probably tyre kickers, anyway.” And that may well be true. For a portion of them, anyway. You […]

personal branding for business owners
Making business personal: should you be the face of your business?

For marketers, 2019 may retrospectively become known as The Year of the Personal Brand. While it is not a new idea, attaching a brand to a person and making them the face of their business is a branding strategy that has gained some real traction over the past 12 months. As a business coach, I […]

holiday proof your business
Have you holiday-proofed your business? 8 actions to help you take a break with confidence

I’m willing to bet that as a business owner, you need some time off (probably more than most). Unfortunately, you are among the least likely people to take that much needed break. A recent study performed by Prospa revealed that 57% of business owners plan to work the same (or more) hours as usual during […]

what to cull from your business in 2020
Your new year to-don’t list: things to cull from your business in 2020 for increased productivity, performance and joy

If you own a business, then I’m willing to bet that your to-do list is long enough that you could string it around your Christmas tree like tinsel. What’s more, just as you manage to cross something off, three more tasks join the queue for your ever-dividing attention. It’s a chief complaint for those I […]

attract new customers to grow your business
Attracting new customers is still the best way to grow your business

In my time as a business coach, I’ve observed (and weighed in on) many a debate around whether business owners should focus more on customer retention or customer acquisition as the best way to achieve business growth. Fact is, both of these marketing activities are extremely important. It’s not hard to understand that it is […]

writing a business blog
Blog writing 101: Essentials for planning and writing your first post

Confession time: even as an experienced business coach, I used to find blogging quite challenging. I spent way too many writing sessions having a ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ style stand-off with my enemies – the blinking cursor and the blank page. In some ways that’s a good thing – especially for my […]

building the case for business blogs
Does your business really need a blog? Five hard-to-ignore benefits of content marketing

“Ugh.” That’s the actual noise many business owners make when I bring up blogging. And I get it. Committing to a content strategy can seem like a very unappealing task if you feel like you’ve already got enough items weighing down your to-do list. And if writing just isn’t your bag, you’re probably even less […]

Rocket into 2020 by keeping up business momentum
See out 2019 with a bang (not a whimper): 5 ways to maintain business momentum in Q4

Remember back at the start of the year when you had 1,971 hours to work on your business? What if I told you that there are just 47 days left of 2019 (actually, for that matter, of this decade)? It doesn’t sound like a lot. In fact, if it’s not a typically busy time of […]

Tenders: goldmine or minefield?

As a business coach who works with B2B and trade-based businesses, I’m often asked, “Are tenders are a good way to win work?” It’s a good question, and as a mentor who has worked with hundreds of businesses, I can speak from experience when I say that the tender process has its upsides and downsides. […]