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A Scuba Diver and a Weaver Went To Lunch…

A scuba driver and a weaver had lunch one day…. (And so did the rest of us).

If you’ve ever come across a keyboard full of crumbs, or splashes of pho on a photocopier, it’s probably a sign of the times. Recent studies show a trend in workers eating lunch at their desks.

But why? Is it so they can take advantage of every spare second of the work day? Do they know what they are missing out on while they are cooped up at the desk?

Last week the Tenfold team journeyed to leafy South Yarra and enjoyed a beautiful lunch at Steer Bar and Grill. This lunch experience is nothing new to us here. We may not splash out every week for fine dining, however, we reserve an hour ever Friday for the whole team to come together and eat lunch… And what’s on the menu? Dumplings! Melbourne’s BEST dumplings, to be exact.*

For us, these shared lunches provide a fantastic opportunity for everyone to reconnect, put aside our work agendas and enjoy a fun team experience each week. When you are surrounded by business face all day (long aloof stares) we need to remember there is an interesting person waiting to be asked the right question.

Below are a few crucial reasons as to why a team lunch is important;

Pass the salt, please

Shared experiences are great opportunities to get to know your team members, celebrate who you are and they are. You were all selected to be a part of a team for a reason, so be proud and recognise each other’s strengths and foibles by learning from each.

Take my strong hand.

The more you know about your team you will naturally build trust and rapport which will flow back into the work place. Come to lunch with some questions or topics in mind for conversation starters. We use fortune cookies, not only are we given a heap to talk and laugh about its also a delicious and sweet treat.

Are you talking to me?

You know that feeling when you’ve been locked up all day and you forget what other people look like? If you’ve ever re-introduced yourself to a colleague, you know what I’m talking about. At Tenfold we don’t get to see everyone every day, with conflicting schedules and different work days.  Our team lunch on Friday gives us a positive end to our week where we can catch up and chat about the week gone by.

Happy Unbirthday to you!

Make sure you take time out to celebrate important milestones, whether it’s a birthday or a sales win. We recently added two new members to our team, by having the celebratory lunch at Steer was a nice way to welcome them aboard and also praise our current team for their fantastic efforts. Meet the Tenfold Team.

Culture, not just for hipsters!

Create a positive and open culture by breaking down barriers and lines of management at the lunch table. Take interest in each other’s passions; not only will it create great conversation but you will be able to identify what motivates them inside and outside of work.

Share your experiences

We never tire of hearing one Arjen’s dad jokes, and although we all groan in unison, we secretly love them.  Be an open book and share your work and life experiences with your team so you can all learn from each other.

Every team is different, so as you think about what shared experiences might work best for your crew consider this fortune cookie wisdom: the team that plays together, stays together.


*Like the business coaches we are, we’ve tested and measured all the local dumpling places. The ULTIMATE dumplings are from Commie and her mum at Dumpling Workshop in Carnegie and Malvern East. Get your dumplings on!

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