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Testimonial from Linda and Nigel Pemberton – Vine and Vault

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My husband Nigel has been operating his business for over 20 years. We manufacture high quality, custom-built wine cellars and wine racking systems for private homes and commercial venues. We partner with architects, interior designers, high end builders, and even expert sommeliers to craft bespoke storage and display systems.

As the business grew, so did the problems

It started off as a one man show then as the business has grown, well, that’s where the issues started. Because we didn’t have any expertise in setting up a business, we grew without the right foundation. We knew we did good quality work but we had no visibility of what we were doing in terms of the budget or whether we were making profit.

The business got by like that for many years – Nigel just kept working hard and hoping we’d get ahead but not really knowing if we would, or how to do it.

I’d say the turning point came after I joined the business. I had come from corporate roles where there are established processes and systems. Your role is already set so you know what to do and how to do it. It’s completely different in small business. The business owner does everything and they just do what they know how to do. So, when I joined the business after I left corporate, it was a shock. Without proper structure in our manufacturing business, I started to drown. I knew we needed more clarity about what to do, but neither of us had ever done it before.

We didn’t know how to get from where we were to where we wanted to be.


We needed advice and real guidance (not theory and templates)

I started looking online for business help. I knew that to sustain and grow our business we needed more than just accounting. We had to have real advice for the operations of the business. I found Tenfold Business Coaching online and saw that they had lots of positive reviews and testimonials. I called them and booked an appointment with a business coach.

To be honest, Nigel wasn’t keen on meeting the coach. The idea of trusting someone else’s advice wasn’t appealing. He didn’t think we could afford it. And he didn’t think a business coach was what we needed.

So, I fibbed to Nigel and told him that the meeting would only be half an hour. He finally agreed to go. Within the first 15 minutes, I could see that he got it. At the end of that meeting, Nigel said, “It’s something we can’t afford not to do.”

What got Nigel over the line was the experience and knowledge of the coach, Arjen. He looked at our manufacturing business and he really understood the underlying aspects. Our coach mapped out a realistic plan with practical steps. He showed us in that first meeting how much money the strategies would be worth to us. And it was all sensible, real world actions, things we could do ourselves. We felt very comfortable that we could achieve it. We felt Arjen was a good fit for the business and for us personally too.


Business coaching with Tenfold made sense

And we were right. We got started straight away. In the beginning there was a lot of information we needed to pull together. We had never collected that data before and so it was a change for us. After a month or two, a lot of fog was lifted. For the first time, we could clearly see where we were going. And it started showing positively on our bottom line and our bank account.

There were lots of areas where Arjen, our Tenfold business mentor, stretched us. We had to do things we’d never done or even thought of before. We reviewed and measured our pricing. We worked out which jobs were making us good profit, and which ones were barely covering costs. That kind of visibility of our business was so important. It helped us focus on getting more of the right jobs. Those changes increased our profit and changed the way we do business.


New actions got new results

Sometimes our coach would suggest something new. Because we hadn’t done it before, we weren’t 100% comfortable with the idea. But he was backed by experience and we trust him. And when we did, it worked out.

Like any asset you want to increase in value, you have to be prepared to invest a bit. You need to understand the cost but also look at how much it will add back to your bottom line. Coaching with Tenfold is definitely worth the investment. If you think you can’t afford it, have a chat with a Tenfold business coach. Listen to what they have to say and make an informed decision. If we had gone with our original assumption that we couldn’t afford it, we would have missed out on growing our business. And our bank account is the healthiest it’s ever been.

Now we are more in control. We have a strong understanding of all aspects of the business. That means we now make informed decisions and can plan ahead. We are a thousand per cent better skilled.

We know where we want to go and we know how we’re going to get there.

And Nigel is proud to talk about coaching to friends and associates. We know lots of builders and architects who we’ve recommended Tenfold to. He’s a big advocate for the difference coaching has made.

If you’re thinking about taking your business to the next level, talk to Tenfold Business Coaching. It only takes 15 minutes 😉

To learn more about Vine and Vault’s services, click here: https://www.vineandvault.com.au/