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Testimonial from John Damianidis – BM Autowerks

I’ve been working with Arjen for a bit over 12 months.

My business is a relatively small, unique business. We have a small part of the automotive repairs market, as a specialist service centre for BMW and MINI.

I started working with Arjen because coming from being a tradesman to then actually running a business, I had very little knowledge in managing a business and people. It was the administration and day to day running of the business I had no experience in and I needed a bit of guidance.

The biggest advantage of coaching has been improving my knowledge of the accounting and financial side of the business – understanding the financial side of running a small business. Now I’m able to determine how much money I have, how much is available to me, and see what I can afford. I now know how to generate more income. My overall understanding of the day to day financial costs and management of running the business efficiently has improved.

Being able to manage my finances and where I spend money and how I spend money, and how that can be improved for my bottom line, to use the money efficiently – that’s made a big difference.

We’ve seen a definite improvement in the growth this year. I’ve run the business by myself for 8 years, and I’ve managed to increase the bottom line on a yearly basis – we’ve not been struggling, but I wanted to take the initiative and increase my knowledge. We’ve improved the bottom line, which is the main thing that we’re working towards.

I approach the business from a different perspective now. I’ve changed how I do certain things in the business, improving my time efficiency. Being able to manage my time more efficiently has improved the way my employees work and manage their time as well. It’s had a flow on effect. Implementing a lot of systems that we put into place with Arjen has helped improve the efficiency in the workshop.

Going forward I can see how the opportunities are going to open up to let me free up my time more, for where I spend my time. In the last two months especially we’ve really worked on shifting tasks away from having to be done by me.

Coming from someone who can be somewhat stubborn at times in the way I run my business – I haven’t always been open minded to ideas and changes. I’ve embraced Arjen’s comments and opinions and systems and I’ve managed to really take on board suggestions and really understand how they can affect my business in a positive way. I’ve been able to understand the importance of being a bit more open minded.

A lot of the new things that we’ve done – such as employing different people – have given me opportunities to have a bit more time with my family and actually have time away from the business. It’s definitely had a positive result in that sense.

I like working with Arjen – we get each other. He understands my personality and attitudes and we work quite well together. It’s worked well.

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