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Testimonial from John and Maggie – Rapid Cold Air Conditioning

We are a husband and wife team running a small business selling and installing residential air-conditioning systems.

We had gone into business with no background in accounting or business management and were just hoping to be able to make enough money to support our family. We were working very long hours and had a lot of work coming in, but we were still constantly left without any money at the end of each month. We were only just surviving. 
We had worked with a business coach from another firm for around six months. That experience gave us a few ideas but we still weren’t making any profit. We knew that we needed a lot more guidance and support overall so we looked into trying a different business coach. We contacted Tenfold Business Coaching and were recommended to meet with one of their coaches, Martin Coyle.
Before we started with Tenfold, the business was running at a loss. After my first meeting with Marty, I was able to see a future for our business. I could see that we may be able to achieve more than just survival.
Now, 14 months on, our turnover has doubled and gross profit has increased by 40%. We now have a team of 8, which we never believed was possible. Our Tenfold coach helped us recruit the right people and also taught us how to lead our team to get results. Marty taught us the importance of using data to analyse the performance of the business. We now track everything with spreadsheets that are easy to use and help us feel in control at all times.
We used to spend a lot of time and energy on online marketing strategies that weren’t really getting results. Our Tenfold business coach has given us clear direction on a more relevant marketing strategy, which has significantly increased our sales. We are now working on strategies to expand into new markets to improve cash flow during the cooler seasons.
As we were not born in Australia, we had always lacked confidence in building business relationships outside our own cultural background. Marty’s experience has given us the skills and confidence we needed to improve our relationships with suppliers, staff and clients. 
Overall, we feel very lucky to have Marty and Tenfold on our team. Learn more about our business at www.rapidcold.com.au.

Maggie and John are backed by their Tenfold Business Coach, Martin Coyle