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Meet Business Growth Expert Mace Rushgrove

Mace is motivated by getting the best possible results out of everyone he works with. Having an accounting background with over 9 years chartered and commercial financial accounting experience, Mace has had significant hands on experience across all areas of a business. His wealth of knowledge and experience across a variety of industries has allowed him to build strong and valuable relationships with his clients. His particular expertise is his strong inclination and ability to work closely with people to set, align and achieve their goals.

Mace’s diverse background has equipped him with all the necessary tools needed to assist you reaching and maintain your own business goals. An experienced CFO, Mace has ultimately been responsible for the ongoing financial management of several companies and trusts. His experience extends to a diverse range of industries, including Aged Care, Corporate Accounting, Printing and Commercial Cleaning. Mace’s breadth of experience has given him insight and knowledge that he applies to have a positive impact on his clients’ businesses.
With a sharp mind for business, Mace has a keen ability to assess, develop and successfully implement systems and controls, and he can readily identify hurdles and areas for improvement. Mace’s proactive approach has enabled him to turn around businesses that were making continued yearly losses to making a profit and on the right track for sustainable growth. “I’m a firm believer in continuous self-improvement, I am a natural mentor and my passion is helping others achieve their best results as well as their goals”.