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Meet Business Development Executive Fiona Leeder

“I love the smell of new plaster, the *pop* of opening a fresh tin of paint, the whir of an electric drill. To me they signify possibility, which is what I love about renovating. I’m inspired by the opportunity of taking something with untapped potential and creating a great lasting impression.

In my role as Business Development Executive, I get to speak with small business owners who feel like their business is a “fixer-upper”. They know their business has potential but they just don’t know where to start chipping away, and that’s where I can help.

People describe me as: optimistic, perceptive, genuine.

My key areas of expertise: Having worked for 11 years in recruitment, my insight and knowledge supports our clients across all stages of hiring new team members.

What I love about my work: Hearing clients who are new to Tenfold Coaching say “I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner!”

Beyond the office: My family and I love to entertain friends – and imagine our next renovation project!