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Meet Business Manager Michele Fountain

“ ‘Weaving?’ I often hear people say. Yes, weaving. Some people might only see the scarf or the shawl as the end result but I delight in looking at the separate strands of yarn and carefully considering the perfect order and combination to produce something special.

And for me it’s the same with developing streamlined processes. Looking at all the parts, steps and requirements, I craft reliable systems that save time, improve productivity and produce measurable results.”

People describe me as: thorough, knowledgable, smiley.

My key areas of expertise: My penchant for a great system – whether it’s to benefit time, money, or team – comes in handy in my role as coach support.

What I love about my work: Working with a team of professionals who support each other to achieve greatness.

Beyond the office: When I’m not weaving or walking my dog with my partner, I’m admiring the wonder of nature in a national park or botanical garden. Bliss