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7 Points of Culture guide success at Tenfold Business Coaching – Our Values

 “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.” Simon Sinek (Start With Why).

Every day at Tenfold, we see that our experience and knowledge can make a real difference to business owners. We help our clients to lead thriving and successful businesses because that enables them to have the freedom of choice for the business they want and the life they envision. That’s our why.

As a team we live these 7 points of culture to be the best version we can be for ourselves, our clients and our community:

  1. Put clients first
  2. Always strive to have a growth mindset
  3. Seek first to understand
  4. Hold ourselves to the highest standards
  5. Have each other’s back
  6. Have fun
  7. Choose positivity

To experience these values in action, come and meet our team.