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Professional Services

Owen Johnson – Comvision Australia

Owen’s business was getting by but not growing. Like many businesses, they were caught in the trap of saying yes to every job without knowing how much money each job would make (if any!). Frustrated by being out of control and only seeing one week ahead, Owen knew that we needed help to take the business to the next level and plan for the big picture.

Hear how the changes Owen made with his business coach helped:

• Assess which jobs make the most profit, and get more of them
• Specialise in a niche with good profit and high barriers to entry
• Double sales, then double them again, and increase net profit x7
• Expand their business into Sydney
• Become the leader of a firm that consistently ranks in the top 50 of the fastest growing IT companies in Australia
• Take extended holidays with his family while the business continued to run seamlessly while he was away

Read Owen’s success story here.

Leading Nutrition testimonial about coaching with Tenfold Business Coaching
Cathy and Ralf Thesing – Leading Nutrition

Read how Leading Nutrition grew from a 6-person team in a cramped Camberwell clinic to a national team of 30+. This is a story of effort that paid off. The owners took their business to the next level and now have complete financial freedom.

Mark Silver – Future Business Systems

Mark Silver founded Future Business Systems, a software solution business when he was 17. After running the business for 15 years, he engaged Tenfold Business Coaching to learn how to manage it more effectively, and to turn his business around.

Key points:
• Established IT business
• Owner needed guidance on how to guide his business from a loss to sustainable profit
• With the help of his coach, he has expanded the business and hired ten+ staff
• Now experiencing profit growth of around 100% per annum, while working less hours
• Sold the business to a global company for double-digit multiplier of earnings

Read Mark’s account of how he got his business back on track with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Sharon Pearson – The Coaching Institute

Sharon Pearson runs The Coaching Institute, a life coaching and executive training organisation. She sought out Tenfold Business Coaching after realising her business model wasn’t working.

Key points:
• Established coaching and training business
• Realised her business was too reliant on her – if she went away, her business would effectively shut down
• Her coach helped her put systems in place, ensuring she had better staff
• Increased her turnover from $270K to $1.2M with coaching
• Found getting an outside perspective essential to the ongoing success of her business
Find out more about how Sharon achieved rapid growth in her business using Tenfold Business Coaching.

Peter Watson – Provider Assist

Peter Watson of Provider Assist has experienced the value of using an experienced business coach from Tenfold Business Coaching.

Key points:
• Through coaching, his business grew from 2 staff to over 40, and his client base grew from 10 to over 500
• Coaching allowed him to stop being bogged down working ‘in’ the business, to working ‘on’ the business
• Sees coaching as great value, that will grow your confidence and your knowledge

Read Peter’s honest account of working with Tenfold Business Coaching to learn more.

Jim Stewart – StewartArtMedia

See Jim on YouTube , excited about his business coach achieving Top 1% in the world ranking.

Jacqui Banham – Provider Assist

Jacqui Banham of Provider Assist discovered how an experienced Tenfold Business Coach helped her deal with rapid growth, by recruiting the right staff and using the best systems.

Key points:
• Introduced to Tenfold Business Coaching by her Managing Director
• Was struggling to manage an expanding team of remote workers on top of her own work load
• With her coaches help, recruited an EA with project management skills, to ease her load
• Used coaching to develop her team, and to utilise their strengths
• Now has a clear systematic approach to grow the business

Learn more about Jacqui’s experience tackling rapid business growth, with the help of Tenfold Business Coaching.

Phillip & Karen Theodore – Apple Print

Phillip and Karen Theodore run Apple Print, and contacted Tenfold Business Coaching to help them turn their business around.

Key points:
• Established print and copy centre in the south-eastern suburbs
• Needed guidance to set business goals to track their business
• Coaching has driven growth, and they are now moving from losses into profits for the first time

Learn more about Phillip and Karen’s progress using Tenfold Business Coaching.

James McHugh – Blue Flame IT

James McHugh runs Blue Flame IT Consulting, a business offering IT services. He needed help transitioning from a ‘hands on’ technician role to a true business manager role. After having limited success with other business coaching firms, he turned to Tenfold Business Coaching.

Key points:
• Established IT consulting business
• Had outgrown his previous business coach at another firm
• Tenfold coach helped him understand the financials of his business
• Tenfold Business Coaching has now improved his bottom line and billable hours
• See his coach as a mentor to ‘keep him on track’

Learn more about James’s journey with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Brij Purohit – Keen To Clean

Brij Purohit runs a successful cleaning business. In this testimonial Brij talks about how he found his Tenfold Business Coach essential in guiding him through the process of franchising his business.

Key points:

• He was new to Australia, and needed guidance on how the Australian system and market worked
• He needed help growing his business to the point of franchising
• Feels he gets valuable and honest advice from his business coach, and that this has saved him time and money
• Believes that most business owners know what they are doing, but could benefit from a coach giving them direction and keeping them on track

Find out more about Brij’s successful journey to franchise his business.