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Personal Services

Primal Health Club Scott Upston
Scott Upston – Primal Health

Scott and his partner had a built business and had bought another. They knew that to take their business to the next level, they’d need new thinking and experience. Hear how the expert advice of their business mentor at Tenfold Business Coaching helped:

• Stop doing the things that were holding them back, start doing the things that drive the business forward
• Achieve their targets
• Build a foolproof process for recruiting the best talent

Read Scott’s success story here.

Andrew and Victoria Wynd – Balwyn Sports and Physiotherapy Centre

Professional skier/Physiotherapist, Andrew Wynd, and qualified Chartered Accountant, Victoria Wynd, know about discipline. They speak about their experience working with Tenfold Business Coaching to take their business, Balwyn Sports and Physiotherapy Centre, to the next level.
Key points:
• Experienced and qualified business owners (husband and wife team) who had used a coach in the past
• Business was going well, ready to go to the next level
• Coaching has been integral to recruiting the right people and building a high performing team
• Net profit has increased 30% while also growing top line sales.

Read about Andrew and Victoria’s coaching journey from good to great.

Jasmin Meaker – Skylark Sports

Jasmin Meaker, owner and operator of Skylark Sports talks about how Tenfold Business Coaching has helped her achieve success.

Key points:
• Established business dedicated to providing gymnastics and child development opportunities
• She had tried group coaching but it hadn’t been successful
• She needed a tailored approach, specific to her unique business
• Net profit doubled in first 2 years of coaching
• The systems her coach put in place were a major reason for the success of the business

Discover more about how Jasmin worked with Tenfold Business Coaching to change her approach, and free up her time.

Fiona Chin – Vitalchi Wellness Sanctuary

Fiona Chin of Vitalchi Wellness Sanctuary, a large natural therapies clinic, has seen first-hand the difference tailored coaching from an experienced Tenfold Business Coach can make.

Key points:
• Established natural therapies business
• Had tried group coaching but found it unsuccessful
• After engaging Tenfold Business Coaching, she achieved a 3-fold difference in her takings
• Is now working ‘on’ the business, rather than just ‘in’ the business
• Believes if you want to be good in your field, you need a top coach

Discover more about Fiona’s experience growing her business with Tenfold Business Coaching.

Cathy Thesing – The Melbourne Dietetic Centre

Cathy Thesing founder of Leading Nutrition, a dietetic consulting business sought out Tenfold Business Coaching to improve accountability in her business.

Key points:
• Coaching has allowed her to move from just working ‘in’ the business to working ‘on’ the business
• Coaching improved the business’ stability, consistency and reliability
• The bottom line increased 2-fold
• A lot of the stress of running a business has now gone

Read Cathy’s account of how coaching from Tenfold paid for itself many times over.